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Alumni Speak

One Tribe - for a lifetime

Katie Adams

My story can best be described as a 'double shot at love' with the School of Education. I'm a product of the undergraduate elementary education licensure program and a current student in the masters program in special education.

Jordan Adair
Esther (Bunny) Akers, MA.Ed. '74, M.Ed. '06

Esther (Bunny) Akers was named the 2011 recipient of the Clinical Partnership Award. "When you combine Bunny's own teaching with the teaching careers of her former student teachers, Bunny will have touched the learning of more than 230,000 middle and high school students."

Virginia Ambler

Ginger holds two degrees from William & Mary and was recently named vice president for student affairs.

Jessica M. Andrews (Higher Education)

Since I loved the collegiate experience and the wide array of experiences it had to offer, a career in higher education administration seemed natural. I applied to programs all over the country because I wanted to test my boundaries and experience a “culture” different from that of the West Coast and the Pacific Northwest.

Mashea Mason Ashton
Laura Bagbey '11 honored by the VACTE

Laura Bagbey '11 is the 2011 recipient of the VACTE Scholarship. She remarked in her application, "Teaching means striving everyday to understand my students and help them to believe that their opportunities in life are limitless."

Amy Barnes Ph.D. '07

Amy Barnes, PhD '07 (Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership) has been named Senior Lecturer in the HESA program at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Frances Boyd
Dr. Frances Boyd ‘72 holds 38 years of teaching experience

Dr. Frances Boyd ‘72 has 38 years of teaching experience from elementary through high school in urban and rural, private and public settings. She has taught in Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland in the areas of Special Education, Reading, Social Studies, French and German.

Clint Calzini
Clinton R. Calzini Ph.D. '11

Clint Calzini Ph.D. '11 (EPPL) now serves as the principal of the secondary school at Westlake Academy, Westlake, Texas. Calzini has a master's degree in school leadership from Harvard University and a bachelor's degree in secondary education with biology and psychology from the University of Vermont.

Clint Calzini
Chandler and Stambaugh Publish Book

Tamra Stambaugh Ph.D. '07 and Kimberley L. Chandler Ph.D. '04 recently published a book with Prufrock Press titled Practical Solutions for Underserved Gifted Students: Effective Curriculum for Underserved Populations.

Chris Cheney
Billitta Jallon Brown Croskey '96

Billitta Jallon Brown Croskey '96 serves as the Director of Academics at the SEED School of Maryland. This fall sixth grade girls were welcomed to "William and Mary Hall," filled with college paraphenalia.

Dr. Joy Davis
Joy Lawson Davis, MA.Ed. '92, Ed.D. '08

Dr. Joy L. Davis, Assistant Professor of Education at the University of Louisiana - Lafayette has written a new book, Bright, Talented and Black; A Guide for African American Gifted Learners.

Dr. Joy Davis
Alan F. Edwards

I graduated with a better understanding of the macro and the micro - with the ability to see simultaneously both the forest and the trees - and to fly.

Judi Elmore
Anita Friedmann

I learned a great deal about higher education but I learned even more about myself and how I wanted to impact the world through my profession and scholarship.

Judi Elmore
Virginia Graduate Research Forum 2011

Dr. Shannon Chance shared the significance of LEED certification in university buildings at the Graduate Research Forum featuring the new School of Education facility. Student researchers demonstrated their findings with members of the Virginia General Assembly. The Virginia Council of Graduate Schools conducts it annually at the Library of Virginia.

Judi Elmore
Billitta Jallon Brown Croskey '96

Billitta Jallon Brown Croskey '96 serves as the Director of Academics at the SEED School of Maryland. This fall sixth grade girls were welcomed to "William and Mary Hall," filled with college paraphenalia.

Judi Elmore
Michael Faughnan, Ph.D. '08

Mike Faughnan, Ph.D. '08 is completing eighteen months as the Chief, Education Division for the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan.

Judi Elmore
Mary Fletcher

he higher education administration graduate program at William & Mary offered exactly what I was looking for.

Judi Elmore
Loury Ollison Floyd, Ph.D. '04

Loury Ollison Floyd, Ph.D. '04, Associate Professor & Assistant Dean for Teacher Education at the School of Education at North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, NC, has been elected Vice President of NC-ACTE.

Nicole Frohne (School Psychology)

The practical nature of the program at William and Mary is a key feature that caught my attention. As I had hoped, by the second week I was already out of the classroom and in the field interacting with children and observing practicing school psychologists.

Daniel Gardner

Working as the Graduate Assistant of Intramural Sports allowed me to apply diverse classwork - ranging from student development theory to law in higher education - in professional practice.

David Gaston
David W. Gaston '88, M.Ed. '90, Ed.D. '05

David Gaston '88, M.Ed. '90, (secondary education) and Ed.D. '05 (Educational Planning, Policy and Leadership) has been selected to serve in the Williamsburg James City County Public Schools central office.

David Gaston
Sue Hanna Gerdelman '76

On Feb. 5 during Charter Day weekend, School of Education graduate, Sue Hanna Gerdelman ’76, will be among five honored by the William and Mary Alumni Association with the Alumni Medallion.

David Gaston
Emilie E. Godwin Ph.D. '09

Emilie E. Godwin Ph.D. '09 was recently quoted in The New York Times while discussing the impact of brain injuries on family members, "When injuries to the brain tear at hearts."

David Gaston
Earl T. Granger, III

If you are looking for a program that offers a balanced perspective grounded in theory and practice, look no further.

David Gaston
Ann Gillespie Gray, M.Ed '00, Ed.S. '03

Ann Gillespie Gray, M.Ed. '00, Ed.S. '03, a member of the School of Education Development Board, chose to enter William & Mary School of Education in mid-career only to find a very supportive environment for learning and balancing family life.

David Gaston
Kristin Hagert

The professors were unbelievably open and helpful throughout my time there, and the classes, internship and Master's Project well prepared me for numerous aspects of the higher education arena.

Dustin Harris (Community Counseling)

The professors are so helpful, the curriculum is fun, yet challenging, but W&M's prestige and outstanding academic reputation sealed the deal for me. The brand new School of Education didn't hurt, either.

Sue Henshon Ph.D. '05
Suzanna E. Henshon Ph.D. '05

Sue Henshon Ph.D. '05 recently presented a paper at The University of Cambridge in England. She discussed the topic, “Popular Culture for Young People: A Look at Recent Trends" at a conference sponsored by Homerton College.

Kathleen R. Hopkins
Jill Sivertsen Hunter '71

A 1971 graduate of the Elementary Education program, Jill Sivertsen Hunter, Ed.D. now served as the chairperson of the School of Education Development Board.

Kathleen R. Hopkins
Ashley Cambridge Wilson Ide

Ashley Cambridge Wilson Ide, M.Ed. '12 has been named assistant principal of Barron Elementary School in Hampton, Virginia. Last spring she was been named Teacher of the Year at Hampton City Schools at Phenix PreK-8 School.

Kathleen R. Hopkins
Molly Kennedy (Community Counseling)

My once perceived daunting experience has really developed into one of the most wonderful years I have ever had. I’ve grown academically, professionally, and interpersonally.

Kathleen R. Hopkins
Jennifer B. Jones

The rich history of the American public higher education system, rooted at William & Mary, created a unique backdrop to study and prepare to be a leader in higher education.

Kathleen R. Hopkins
Patsy Rainey Joyner C.A.S.E. '83, Ed.D. '89

Patsy Rainey Joyner C.A.S.E. '83, Ed.D. '89, lauded as a true role model, retired as vice president for Institutional Advancement at Paul D. Camp Community College in January after 31 years with the college.

Antonis Katsiyannis
Kathleen Wheatley Kincheloe

You couldn't ask for better preparation to face the challenges and opportunities of a career in higher education than the program at William & Mary.

Antonis Katsiyannis
Daria Kavaliova Lorio '09

Daria Kavaliova Lorio '09 has been selected for the DAIS Instructional Specialist postion with the York County School Division. Mrs. Lorio was the 2009 recipient of the Dean's Awards for Excellence - Masters Level.

Antonis Katsiyannis
Alexei G. Matveev

The program's reputation and rigor attracts a spirited student body who contribute to developing a community of intellectual inquiry and engaged collegiality.

Dr. Bronwyn MacFarlane
Bronwyn MacFarlane Ph.D. '08

Bronwyn MacFarlane, Ph.D. '08 has been offered tenure and has been promoted to Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Department of Educational Leadership where she is in her fourth year as Assistant Professor of Gifted and Talented Education at The Jodie Mahony Center for Gifted Education.

Jeremy Martin (Higher Education)

I spent the last seven years coaching college basketball, the last four of which included some general administrative work for the institution.

Melanie Martin (Community Counseling)

So far my passions have included integrating spirituality into counseling, working with youth around diversity and inclusivity issues, and gender and LGBTQ issues.

Michael McDonough
Susan McGowan, Ed.D. '07

Dr. Susan McGowan-Koyzis, who completed her doctoral work in Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership with an area of emphasis in Gifted Education Administration at William and Mary, has been appointed the Interim Dean for the Honors College at West Liberty University.

Megan Melton (School Psychology)

Many years of working with children throughout high school and college proved to me that I needed to pursue a career that allowed me to help children. I had always been drawn to school systems, but decided working with children on an individual level was more fitting than being a teacher with a classroom full of children.

Sara Miller, Ed.D. '10

Sara Miller was recently named a finalist for the International Reading Associations's Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award.

Valerie Muller Egger M.Ed. '04

What happens when Adam Hollinger and his obnoxious older sister, Courtney, convince their absent-minded mother to allow them to adopt a pair of corgis — after their father explicitly said, “No!” ? Author Val Muller answers this question as the mystery on Dorset Drive unfolds.

Dr. Deborah Dymacek Pettit '72

Dr. Deborah Pettit has been named Regional Superintendent of the Year for 2013. She and her team at the school were also credited for their response when they had to invent an emergency plan on the fly when a 5.8 earthquake — centered in Mineral — hit the county on Aug. 23, 2011.

Dr. Drew Polly
Drew Polly '99

Drew Polly '99 was recognized by the UNC Charlotte College of Education for his Sustained Service to Public Schools. He has just finished his fifth year there as an Assistant Professor.

Dr. Drew Polly
Virginia Graduate Research Forum 2011

Dr. Shannon Chance shared the significance of LEED certification in university buildings at the Graduate Research Forum featuring the new School of Education facility. Student researchers demonstrated their findings with members of the Virginia General Assembly. The Virginia Council of Graduate Schools conducts it annually at the Library of Virginia.

Dr. Drew Polly
Maggie Scott (Higher Education)

I was a Graduate Assistant for Programming in Student Activities here at the College, and I loved it! It was a lot of nights and weekends, but a well-attended event is always worth the work you have to put into it!

Dr. Lucia V. Sebastian
Margaret (Meg) Alcorn Smith '89

Meg Smith has been named the 2012 Virginia Teacher of the Year. "I want to remind people of all the dedicated teachers, fantastic students, and meaningful moments happening in Virginia's public schools every day. I invite everyone to celebrate and strengthen our schools," said Mrs. Smith.

Dr. Lucia V. Sebastian
Diane Soboski

looked at a lot of well respected graduate programs and chose William & Mary because of the thorough breadth of coursework the program offers.

Dr. Lucia V. Sebastian
Steve Staples '76, M.Ed. '82

Steve Staples '76, M.Ed. '82 served for 17 years as superintendent of York County School Division, one of the highest performing school systems in the Commonwealth. For his leadership within the division and state, Steve was named Superintendent of the Year.

Dr. Lisa Vernon-Dotson
Jobila Williams Sy (Higher Education)

"I first decided to attend the College of William and Mary for the Master's degree in Higher Education and later began the Doctoral program in order to pursue my passion for research in international higher education.

Joel Wilson (School Psychology)

The strong national reputation of William and Mary initially attracted me to this program. But what made it an effortless decision when considering other programs was how welcoming the faculty and students were when I came to visit.

Susannah Wood, M.Ed. '00, Ph.D. '06

Susannah Wood, associate professor at the University of Iowa Department of Rehabilitation and Counselor Education, has been recognized for the University of Iowa College of Education’s 2011-2012 Collegiate Teaching Award, the college’s highest honor recognizing excellence in teaching.

Kristi Wyatt

I am a recent graduate of the Counselor Education and Supervision program. When I was applying for graduate programs, I did a national search to find the program that was the best fit for me and could offer the experiences I wanted and needed.