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Game-based learning brings play into the high school classroom
Game-based learning brings play into the high school classroom

Lindy Johnson, associate professor of English education, has been examining the role of games and play in the classroom for several years. A former English teacher in Boston Public Schools, she now trains new teachers at William & Mary and conducts research around the essential question, how can we make learning more engaging and authentic for both students and teachers?

Ting Huang
Ting Huang joins W&M Curriculum & Instruction faculty

Ting Huang joins W&M as an assistant professor in the Curriculum and Instruction department. Her research focuses on informal learning, digital literacies, diversity in education, and video learning.

Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic
Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic answers the increased need for mental health services during the pandemic

With its new name comes new changes for the Flanagan Counselor Education Clinic. Thanks to a $2 million gift in 2020 from Professor Emeritus S. Stuart Flanagan, William & Mary’s expanded counseling training clinic now encompasses the New Horizons Family Counseling Center, the New Leaf Clinic, and a new service called the Telehealth Team, making services more accessible than ever.

Zoom Fatigue
Combating Zoom Fatigue in the Online Classroom

Have you sat through Zoom or other videoconferencing sessions and felt fatigued afterwards? Zoom Fatigue is Real. A Zoom environment can cause cognitive overload because you are constantly multitasking. April Lawrence, associate director of eLearning, provides instructional strategies for combating Zoom fatigue.

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