Making News Inside and Outside the Classroom

A guide to mindfulness for the person who is always busy

As a challenging semester comes to an end, we asked Natasha Townsend M.Ed. ‘21, a master’s student in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, to share strategies to help individuals and families better cope with stress through mindfulness.

Election 2020 and kids
How to talk to kids about Election 2020

Esther Kim, assistant professor of social studies education and a scholar of civic education in schools, shares strategies, tips and resources for educators and parents navigating conversations with kids and young people during a particularly contentious presidential election season.

Bilingual Education
Alumni teachers embrace the linguistic and cultural diversity of their bilingual students through family engagement

When schools transitioned to online learning in March, teachers across the country had to quickly learn how to fit their classrooms into each student’s home. For ESL and bilingual teachers there were additional challenges to keeping students and their families engaged at home while also incorporating students’ cultural backgrounds into online learning.

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