Making News Inside and Outside the Classroom

Church & University
Church and University: united to support the success of students

For many Black families, the church not only provides a place of worship, but a place of belonging and a hub that connects them to the community through a wide range of support services. A new partnership with a local church is exploring how educators can collaborate with faith-based communities to better support the growth of Black students.

Commencement 2021
School of Education celebrates 2021 Commencement

The School of Education celebrated its 2021 graduates during a Commencement weekend like no other May 21-23, 2021. Faculty, staff, students and families gathered on campus for a socially-distanced but decidedly joyful celebration.

GEA Board
GEA Board works to bring back community during an online academic year

The Graduate Education Association (GEA) helps connect students in the School of Education to the faculty, community, and each other. While this year’s board members have had the challenging task of connecting students together during a pandemic that has made people feel more detached than ever before, their goals are to work together to increase student engagement and create a sense of community, even from home.

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