Curriculum & Instruction

Make a difference - become a teacher

The need for better educated, better prepared teachers has never been greater. Moreover, there is a steadily rising demand for well-prepared, effective teachers as the nation's schools work to raise the quality of instruction, reduce class sizes, and expand academic programs. Both the American public and governing bodies at all levels recognize as never before the critical need to improve the preparation of teachers. For those who hope to link their formal training and expertise to critical real-world needs, it is a good time to consider teaching as a profession.

William & Mary’s department of Curriculum & Instruction is preparing tomorrow’s educational leaders by providing a leading-edge and comprehensive experience for students. Our programs combine investigation of educational ideas and practices with supervised laboratory, clinical, and practicum experiences. They are designed to develop in students the specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are essential to effective teaching.

The School of Education provides teacher education certification programs for those who wish to:

Measures of Excellence
  • Among graduates of all Virginia colleges and universities, graduates of William & Mary's teacher education programs consistently maintain the highest scores on all sections of the PRAXIS series.
  • The SAT scores of students enrolled in William & Mary's undergraduate teacher education programs typically meet or exceed the mean SAT of all William & Mary undergraduate students.
  • Those who complete teacher education programs at William & Mary — at both undergraduate and graduate levels — are highly sought by employing school districts throughout the country.