Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs

Why be a teacher? Because the future of our country, our world, depends upon what happens in our schools.  Teachers are virtually limitless in their capacity to touch lives.  Teachers give knowledge and skills and urge children to pursue their dreams.  Considering that on average teachers affect 3,000 kids over the course of their careers, the ripple effect of even a single teacher's impact can be astounding!

Students looking for financial aid options, should check out the School of Education  award and scholarship opportunities.  Prospective Math and Science teachers should also consider becoming a Noyce Scholar.

Undergraduate Programs
5 Year Options

The Five Year program could be a great option for you. Begin your path during your senior year by taking three education courses.  Then elevate to the master's program.  When you complete your graduate degree you will also be eligible for your license. Apply during the second semester of your junior year.  Applications are due no later than October 1 of the fall semester of the senior year.  Students should maintain a 3.0 in their education classes.  Once elevated to the master's program, students follow the program of studies for the M.A.Ed. program.