BAEd in Elementary Education

Welcome to the School of Education!

Admission Criteria and Procedures

Students must apply directly to the School of Education if they wish to major in Elementary Education; this application process typically begins during the second semester of a student's sophomore year. Our admissions process is holistic as well as competitive: we seek a diverse array of students who are committed to academic excellence, extracurricular involvement, and personal achievement. Successful students exhibit:

  • Academic achievement to date as exhibited by grades, course load, and recovery from academic setbacks.
  • Personal attributes and life experiences that illustrate resilience in the face of challenges, ethical character, openness to diverse perspectives, and collaborative ability.
  • Strong communication skills as demonstrated by one's application essays.

Undergraduate students interested in Elementary Education must apply for admission to the School of Education, typically  during the spring semester of the sophomore year.

Transfer students should apply to the School of Education after being admitted to William & Mary.  The evaluation of any transfer credit will take place only after a student has accepted an offer of admission from the University.

Complete the online application.  Typically decision letters typically go out within three weeks of receipt of a completed application.  Applications for the Fall semester should be submitted no later than August 30th; Applications for spring should be submitted no later than December 15th.

Students must have a 2.0 GPA to apply to the program; however, meeting this minimum benchmark does not guarantee admission.  Applicants must supply:

  • Online application
  • WM unofficial transcript; Transfers should also supply an unofficial transcript from their previous school.
  • Personal Essays

Students transferring from the Virginia Community College System, Richard Bland or other institutions should consult the transfer credit guidelines available on the College Admissions website to determine how their coursework will transfer to William & Mary.

Programs of Study
Endorsement Course Requirements

In addition to the BAEd requirements, candidates seeking an endorsement in elementary education PK-6 must complete six semester hours in each of the following disciplines: 

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Laboratory sciences - The laboratory science courses must be from two different science disciplines.
  • History and social sciences
Additional Requirements for Licensure

Students seeking licensure in Virginia must complete training in Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting. For students who take and pass EDUC 310, this requirement is met. If a student is exempted from EDUC 310 for any reason, then he or she must contact the Office of Teacher Education & Professional Services in order to complete a training module in these competencies.

Additional policies and procedures that govern students in the teacher preparation programs during their field experiences are included in the Handbook for Practica and Student Teaching Experiences, which is available in the Office of Professional Services.