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Anita Friedmann

Alumna - Ph.D. in Educational Policy, Planning and Leadership

Anita FriedmannCurrent Position:
Assistant Vice President for Development, Old Dominion University

Friedmann on the Higher Education Program:
"William & Mary's Higher Education program is the perfect combination of academic rigor, convenient classes, and peer-to-peer interaction.  As a full-time student who also continued working full-time, I thought I was a bit of a crazy over-achiever but I found that juggling classes with work was very doable.  I was able to bring my work experience to the classroom theory and used my studies to help do a better job in the workplace.  The class schedules are well-planned and the faculty work to help each student complete the program in a timely manner.  I made great friends and continue to have on-going professional contacts with students in my cohort.  The most important thing to me, however, is that the faculty bring a very high caliber of scholarship to the classroom and challenge every student to find her or his passion in higher education.  I learned a great deal about higher education but I learned even more about myself and how I wanted to impact the world through my profession and scholarship.  William & Mary has been around for 300+ years for good reason - it's an elite educational institution that takes its mission seriously.  I'm proud to tell anyone that I am a William & Mary alumna."