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Justin Jackson (Community & Addictions Counseling)

M.Ed. in community & addictions counseling

 Justin JacksonSince I received my BA in Psychology at the University of Richmond in 2009, I became fascinated with addiction research, education, and the process of behavior change. For 2 years, I worked as a Research Specialist at the UVA Center for Addiction Research and Education in Richmond, VA. I had the extraordinary opportunity to research and evaluate the effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing. My clinical research work in with MI among diverse populations prompted my interested in entering the counseling profession. At William and Mary, I have continued my passion to obtain more knowledge and practice within the field of community and addictions counseling. Currently, I am working primarily with troubled adolescents and their families who are struggling with substance use and/or other behaviors which cause distress in the family. I hope to continue along the path of specializing in addiction and family work, and integrate Motivational Interviewing in future practice so that individuals can discover and utilize their own motivation to change addictive or unhealthy behaviors.