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Brian Peters (Higher Education)

Class of 2010 - Educational Leadership - Higher Education Program

Brian PetersI chose William and Mary for three very specific reasons. First, when I came to visit the College, I felt like the School of Education laid the red carpet down for me wherever I went.  The administration and the faculty made it seem to everyone who came to visit that they wanted them to attend the College.  At several other institutions, I did not feel the same collegial atmosphere as the College's.  Secondly, just walking around campus you feel the history and prestige of the College around you.  As the second oldest institution in the country, the campus is ripe with traditions and a sense of honor.  Lastly, the Higher Ed. program balanced course work with outside experiences.  Courses prepared students for working at institutions and their assistantships, research, internships, conferences, and leadership positions gave them applicable skills for the future.  By balancing classes and hands-on work, a graduate from W&M is ready to succeed.