Molly Kennedy (Community Counseling)

M.Ed. in Community Counseling

Molly KennedyComing to Williamsburg has opened so many opportunities in my life. Moving across the nation from Chicago was initially incredibly stressful. I questioned my decision constantly before leaving my hometown—there were so many things I was unsure of: finding friendships, finding the career niche I wanted, enjoying my classes, and most of all, just genuinely finding happiness in a new place. But, alas I left home to a new adventure.

My once perceived daunting experience really developed into one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had. I’ve grown academically, professionally, and interpersonally. Through taking classes at William & Mary, and interacting with faculty, I could not be more appreciative of the small college atmosphere with sincerely involved professors. I found an incredible practicum site that I developed counseling skills at a rapid pace, and was fortunate because it really pointed me in the direction I now want to move professionally. Community-wise, I  found niches volunteering, fabulous friends, and a routine trail that I take my dog every morning. Williamsburg has really provided me with an amazing experience that allowed me to develop into a young professional in a very welcoming environment.