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Katie Adams

Alumna - BA Psychology and Elementary Education; MAEd Curriculum and Instruction – Special Education

Katie AdamsMy story can best be described as a 'double shot at love' with the School of Education. I'm a product of the undergraduate elementary education licensure program and a recent graduate of the masters program in special education.  Although most will boast about the many academic and professional opportunities provided by the School of Education, the community within the school caused me to stay for graduate studies.  Having spent almost three years in the School of Education, I can truly say I have developed a close family of peers, mentors, and colleagues through our students, professors, and clinical faculty. 

As an undergraduate I expressed my need for financial aid to Dr. James Patton, my foundations professor, and he directed me to a scholarship for elementary education students offered by our two of our generous donors, Donald S. and MaryAnne Bruno.  The professors in the department of special education also heard my need as a graduate student and created an assistantship for me through grant funds they had received.  Half of my tuition during my almost three years of study was provided by generous members of the family within the School of Education.

I chose William & Mary because I wanted to stay within a close-knit community of caring professionals.  The one-on-one conversations about my situation with professors who were not even my advisors would not have occurred had I not been at William & Mary.  Yes I've received a fabulous education, but I've also gained relationships with members of the William & Mary community that I value more than any degree or award.