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Student Reflections 2016

Read student reflections regarding their relevant, engaging field experiences and research efforts, and student life in general.
Time to relax…sort of

What to do over Christmas break?

The Thank You Letter

It’s been a tough year, but there’s so much to be grateful for.

November Mood

Smile like you mean it. (Balancing stress with growth.)

On the Road Again

Podcasts make regular commutes more bearable

What Keeps You Going?

Because grad school life is busy and tiring and great, all at the same time.

To Do Lists

How I measure my productivity

On Being Ambassadors

The Day for Prospective Students is approaching!

Self-Care Part 2: Staycation

Sometimes you need to take time away to get things done.

Self-Care: Grad Student Style

Grad school can be busy and stressful. How do we make it to fall break (and, for that matter, to every other break) in one piece?


My hypothetical dream job is all of a sudden not so certain.

Grad Bash

Time for a study break!

Here We Go!

I started this semester, my first in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, not sure what to expect.

Semester Bucket List

I only have nine months until graduation, and I want to experience Williamsburg as fully as I can before I leave!

Another Year!

We're kicking off another year at the SOE!

It's the end of year two

I can't believe I'm finally here. The school year is coming to an end, and for me, my time as a full-time graduate student is coming to an end.

Almost there!

I am so excited that I am so close to finishing up my first year as a doctorate student

Ready for the Next Stage

We are winding down to the end of the semester at William and Mary!

Spring is here…almost

The weather has finally been warming up…some days. But just as soon as you think it’s finally going to be spring, it gets cold again.

April fools’!

I don’t have a joke today but I am feeling happier than usual so….Happy April fools’ Day!

Spring Break!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade and be glad it's no longer 30 degrees out.

School psych interviews

Last Monday we had interviews for the incoming school psychology cohort. Ever since my own interview two years ago I had been waiting for the day when I got to be the cool kid who knows what's going on at the interview. Finally, my day had come.

March Madness

No….my blog is not about basketball.

Workin' It Out

Let me start off this blog post by admitting that I am not an exerciser.

My Mind is in May

In a few weeks, many people will be opening an email or receiving a letter say “I am pleased to inform you…”

Admissions Season is Upon Us!

It’s the most exciting time of the year again, that is, if you’re applying for graduate school.

Surprisingly Refreshing

So this post might come as a surprise to my fellow readers.