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My Mind is in May

In a few weeks, many people will be opening an email or receiving a letter say “I am pleased to inform you…” Without reading the rest, they will be automatically elated, excited, crying, jumping, and / or hugging a random stranger. So in advance I will say, Welcome to the Tribe!! I will be so excited to meet the admitted students on our Accepted Student’s Day. However, I have graduation on my mind! To be exact there are exactly 3 months until Commencement, that is 12 weeks!! You may have picked up that I am already excited!!

With Commencement comes preparation for closing this door and figuring out what my next steps are going to be. For wrapping this wonderful last semester, I have to make sure I am getting my hours required for internship. I seem to be on course with this so far. I also have to look and apply for jobs in the area I would like to work. And no, February is not too early to be thinking about it. It seems surreal to be thinking and doing these things simultaneously. A huge chapter of my life is going to close and I am not sure what is waiting for me on the other side. But those are my usual feelings when it comes to making such an important transition.

For me, I cannot and will not let my anxiety take over. I will focus on the important aspects now such as doing what I need to do for graduation. The rest can hold off…..just for a little while though.