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Spring Break!

Last week was spring break here at William and Mary, and let me tell you, it was perfect timing! Although I love school, the semester had become overwhelming. Between papers, midterms (I'm looking at you, research methods exam), random medical issues, getting practicum hours, work, and Gracie's middle-of-the-night antics, I was ready for a little downtime.

Because of my work schedule, I wasn't able to travel anywhere. Luckily for me, my good friend Lydia was willing to leave the California sunshine for a few days to visit me in chilly Williamsburg! We enjoyed shopping at Short Pump Mall in Richmond, as well as the Williamsburg Outlets. We spent an afternoon at the Yankee Candle Emporium (if you haven't been, you need to go -- not only do they have every Yankee Candle scent in production, but there's a Christmas village and SANTA HANGS OUT THERE ALL YEAR!). We ate some really tasty Southern food at Comfort, a restaurant in Richmond. We even spent a day being shown around Washington, D.C. by my cousin Lexi, complete with a Mitt Romney sighting!

The best part, though, was dancing in the car. Friends, beneath my professional (haha) counseling/diligent student exterior, I am a major goofball. Lydia encourages my absurdity 100%. Anytime we were in the car -- including the four hours of D.C. traffic we were stuck in on the drive back to Williamsburg -- we danced and sang. Wholeheartedly. Fiercely. And most important, loudly. :) People absolutely stopped driving and pointed and laughed us, which only encouraged us further. It's a wonderful, wonderful thing to have a friend that you can be your silliest self with, and to get to spend five days with a friend like that is rejuvenating down to the core.

The semester may be back in full swing, but the fun times I had during spring break are still on my mind. I hope you're having a good day wherever you are, and that your week is full of good friends, lots of laughter, and a little goofiness. Thanks for reading!