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Ready for the Next Stage

We are winding down to the end of the semester at William and Mary! Graduation is just on the horizon; only 3 weeks away. On that day there will be rejoicing and celebrating with shouts of “We Made It!” However, until then, I am making sure all of my work is completed and preparing the first year students for their final year. With the cohort model in the counseling program, second year students mentor the first year students, guiding them with what to expect during the semesters. For that past couple of weeks I have met with my mentee to familiarize her to the New Horizons clinic. In a month, the first year family counseling students will begin to operate the clinic on their own. I am sure it seems overwhelming for them but trust me, it will get easier!

I am also passing on the torch in another way. Last year around April, I was inducted into Chi Sigma Iota, Omega Mu chapter, as the Secretary for the organization. Today, I am no longer a board member but another counselor will be inducted for this position. I am proud of who was chosen and hope the new Omega Mu chapter board will perform even better than last year’s board.

These transitions all feel like an extended farewell from the School of Education and from William and Mary. In some ways, I am not set for what is to come. Mainly, making my first real step in my career. This is an overwhelming transition from a place I can call my second home to the unknown.  In most ways I am ready for all the program has prepared me for. I am ready to begin my residency and pursue licensure. I am excited for the journey ahead.