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April fools’!

New Orleans

Puerto Rico

I don’t have a joke today but I am feeling happier than usual so….Happy April fools’ Day!

Just for a quick recap, Puerto Rico was great and New Orleans was fun! J See pictures below.

I have many things to be excited for this month. For one, I am over the hump of the semester. I have roughly six weeks left for the semester and it cannot get here soon enough! Projects do not seem too heavy as long as I am able to pace myself. I have a good plan right now where I am waking up early enough to do some work so it sets my rest of the day. If I start working earlier, it becomes an easier transition to make myself work all day and be productive. That way, if all goes well, I am able to rest when I get home (and only rest! No homework!) and enjoy my evenings. This way, I get to play more with my dogs. I will keep you posted!

It is funny to think that I am almost done with my first year doctoral program. When I started, completing my first year seemed so overwhelming. Completing a three year program? Overwhelming times a thousand. Now that I am closer to the end of my first year, I realized that once I set my mind and focus, everything is manageable. I am currently able to complete my work, see my clients, and volunteer to run groups. And when it became harder to manage, I was able to say no to all the extra stuff. I will continue to keep this in mind as I approach the end of the semester. As far as completing the program… I still feel overwhelmed but I can’t wait to graduate and be on the other side!

P.S. for those who were admitted and have not accepted, you have until April 15th !