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November Mood

Song of the month: "Smile Like You Mean It" - The Killers

So in an earlier post (either last semester or earlier this semester) one of my goals was to stay positive. So no matter what obstacles came my way, I always pointed out other positive things going on with my life. As I continued to implement this technique, I eventually progressed from focusing on positive events to reframing the negatives. I felt it was very successful. I started experiencing less stress and anxiety. I did not focus too much on minor details and appreciated my doctoral “journey” more.  And then it was November.

Let me start off by saying that this is not an everything-is-going-wrong reflection. It is more of a wow-I-think-I-am-changing reflection. Point blank…change is difficult. It is hard and it sucks. I started experiencing high levels of stress the past few weeks and could not point out what was exactly causing it. Slowly but surely, I realized that my stress was letting me know that my current approach to things is no longer working and that  I need to change it. I am still currently working on changing the way I look at things but while I do, I still attempt to keep a positive outlook. Which is why I chose the song “Smile Like You Mean It” by The Killers. So even though I am struggling, I am growing. The change and the discomfort is there to let me know to I am need to grow. While I go through this change, I will smile through it.