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I Went. I Saw. I Learned….then I returned to Williamsburg

First, congratulations to all admitted students, especially those who attended our Admitted Student’s Day last week! I usually attend but had a conflicting schedule. I remember when I attended in 2014. It was the start of a new life for me. By the end of the event, I knew I wanted to be a part of the School of Education. I met warm and welcoming people, administration and faculty alike. I met my roommate who quickly became one of my closest friends. Everything worked together so Williamsburg and William & Mary would begin to feel like home. I hope those who attended were able to feel the almost immediate connection and attraction to the School of Education. For those who were unable to, do not worry! There is plenty of time to connect with us. This can mean taking a tour of our building, meeting with a faculty member, having a tour of William & Mary’s main campus, or even exploring Colonial Williamsburg. I hope you choose to be a part of the Tribe!

Now, in regards to my absence, I must admit I was having fun……in the name of professional development! Last week I attended the Psychotherapy Networker in Washington, D.C. It was one of the more incredible experiences during my time here. I was able to attend sessions headed by pioneers in my field such as Judith Beck and Susan Johnson! I feel like I gained a wealth of knowledge and am so lucky to have been there. In truth, the information and interventions I learned were extremely useful. I look forward to sharing the information with my colleagues and those I am mentoring.

The weekend before the networker, I attended the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors (IAMFC) Conference in New Orleans! Yes, this is the conference I was sharing with you all earlier. I did my first poster presentation with a colleague on the second day of the conference. I will be honest…..I was very nervous about it all but everything went smoothly. I even presented for the president of the IAMFC, Paul Peluso! We were able to exchange additional thoughts about our presentation afterwards. Definitely an experience I will remember. This trip was not all work! We explored New Orleans, ate beignets everyday (!), enjoyed street performers, as well as a live brass band. New Orleans never disappoints!

After travelling for two weekends on top of my typical responsibilities, I am exhausted! It feels good to remain in Williamsburg for a while and take it slow. I hope you do the same. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!