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To Do Lists

It is that time of the semester where assignments appear to be due the same day and final assignments are being assigned. This is the part of the semester where I try really hard to keep to an organized schedule. What I find most helpful is breaking up all of my tasks into the smallest “baby step” that way I don’t feel super overwhelmed. Yes, that means that my current to do list on my app says I have like 30 something things to do a day but that also means that I get to scratch off a lot as well. 

For example, my upcoming case presentation. 

Instead of:

*do case presentation

My list looks more like this

*pick a family for case presentation

*pick 10 minutes of clip for case presentation

*write background information for case presentation

*identify goals for case presentation

*draw family map and process diagram for case presentation

*identify questions for case presentation 

Having all these steps for one project allows me easily divide tasks to different days so I don’t feel overwhelmed to complete it all in one day. For me, if I had just put “do case presentation” each day that passed by where I did not complete that assignment will make me feel like I was not being productive. My current way of doing lists allows me to see how much progress I have made. In a way it helps me visually see how productive I was for the day.  That being said….off to make more lists!