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Almost there!

I am so excited that I am so close to finishing up my first year as a doctorate student! I am also excited that my blog posts this semester were, for the most part, positive J. I had made it my goal this semester to focus on just the positive so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. As I reflect on this semester, I think it worked. I mean there were times when I was down and stressed as it is normal as a graduate student but I think I was able to bounce back faster than last semester. It may have had to do with me not really having time to sit in my misery but I would like to think that I am getting better and managing my life. It interesting to be writing about this topic because I am just finishing up my qualitative research assignment that explores female doctoral students experience in managing their personal life with their school life. Part of the reason why I chose this topic was to see if others were experiencing what I am experiencing. It was comforting to know that this was the case and to be aware of what do to do to make my life easier. So far, I found that support, communication, and flexibility are key to help you manage your life. Well, I will end my post with how I usually do: listing the things that I am looking forward to.  1) the end of the semester 2) NBCC conference 3)My sister’s high school graduation 4) a break!