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It's the end of year two

I can't believe I'm finally here. The school year is coming to an end, and for me, my time as a full-time graduate student is coming to an end.

In the school psych program, we spend two years in the SOE taking classes. Last year, I felt like I lived in the SOE. I took five or six classes each semester and spent 20 hours at my assistantship in the admissions office. This year, I haven't felt so much like I've lived here, but I've still had a full class schedule of four or five classes and spent 10 hours in the admissions office. Suddenly, all of that is about to end. As third years in the school psych program, we spend the entire year out on internship, and we only show up at the SOE three times. Once each semester for a group meeting, and then finally at graduation.

Life as I know it is about to change drastically again. I'll be moving out of Williamsburg and basically starting a full time job. A full time job with regular hours and people who depend on me and real responsibilities. I'll be out in the world doing the things I've been learning about. I'm excited and I'm ready, but still. It's crazy that the past two years have flown by so fast. I remember the first time I walked into this building and I thought to myself, "I could see myself here."

The two years I've spent in this program have been hard, crazy, and amazing. I'm a very different person now from the person who walked through those doors my first day here. And I'm sure I'll be a different person by the time I come back for graduation a year from now as well. It's crazy how time changes you and how quickly it all goes by. I've had an incredible journey here at W&M, and while part of me is sad to see that end, I'm also ready for what's to come.