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Surprisingly Refreshing

So this post might come as a surprise to my fellow readers. Every time I blog I feel like I am always talking about how stressed and overwhelmed I am. I don’t think my blogs are usually too negative as I am sure that I mention the “light at the end of the tunnel” or something of that sort. Most stressed/overwhelmed blogs always count the things I am always looking forward to (sometimes not school related). But this time I am at a very different place. While I still feel overwhelmed about all the things I have to do (I don’t think that will ever go away unfortunately), I am surprisingly excited as well…and yes…it’s about school! I started taking my first cognate class (Prevention and Intervention in Public Schools) this semester and I am super thrilled about what I am going to learn in that class. I actually can’t wait to do our project in that class where we get to construct a prevention program to do in public schools. Another class I am most excited about is Qualitative Research. I am not super thrilled about the time we meet (7:15- 9:45pm…eww) but I am thrilled about what I am going to learn and do. It feels really nice to not dread doing assignments. I am going to try my best to keep this feeling…crossing fingers! Until next time…..