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Grad Bash

Most days, the majority of students at The School of Education spend the bulk of their time in classrooms, meetings, or the library.  Seldom is the case that we’re able to break away from our responsibilities, commitments, and the obligations of both our academic and personal lives.  Last year I had the opportunity to witness (albeit from a distance) an event held each year for the graduate student community here at William and Mary.  Over 1000 students were mingling together, music was playing, games were taking place, and the atmosphere felt relaxed and comfortable.  As we continue to welcome the incoming class, I would highly recommend and suggest that all graduate students here at The School of Education participate, or at the very least make an appearance at GradBash.  It is a great opportunity to relax, meet with other graduate students, share experiences, stories, and even network by cross collaborating on new ideas with other students from the various graduate colleges.  Now, all we have to do is hope for decent weather. 

Information on the event is listed below.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Lake Mataoka Amphitheatre

7 to 10 p.m.

Tickets: $7 presale, $10 at the door

Food, drinks and music all night