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Time to relax…sort of

What to do over Christmas break? For me it involves traveling 1500 miles over the course of a few weeks. For each of us, Christmas break means something different. For those of us who are spending our time outside of Williamsburg, it can be an opportunity to escape our routines. I think, for some of us, we become accustomed to the day in, day out, oftentimes robotic routine of: wake up, go to school, go to work, study, come home, sleep, repeat. We, as students, need to use this time to do more than just sleep (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that). We need to use it to reflect on our semester, and for those who just launched their graduate careers, use it as a time to assess how you’re going to tackle next semester. What are some things that really struck a cord with you? How will you change? Will you change? So take some time to relax, enjoy real food again, sleep, play with your dog, see your relatives, and open presents, but also take time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished during the past four months, and also what you wish to accomplish during the next four.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday.