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Admissions Season is Upon Us!

It’s the most exciting time of the year again, that is, if you’re applying for graduate school. Our application deadline has passed, and now the waiting begins.
Two years ago at this time, I had just gotten all my applications submitted. For most school psych programs, interviews are part of the admissions process, so I was beginning to haul myself around to various interviews and remind myself on every drive to present myself like I knew how to be a good future school psychologist at interviews.
My interview for William and Mary was the last one I went to. It was the end of February, and it had snowed recently. I laughed when I realized that they used sand on their roads to try to provide traction against the snow; that’s not a thing we do in Ohio and it seemed so odd to me. We drove around Williamsburg and main campus a bit before my interview, and I knew by the time the interview was over that even though W&M was the farthest school from home that I had applied to, if I got in I would have to come here.
A week passed by, and I went on vacation to see some family. Every day I checked my email, anxious to see if I had gotten in to any of the programs I applied to. The results started to trickle in. Accepted at one school, rejected by another. By the end of my vacation, I had heard from all the schools I had applied to except W&M, and I had been rejected by the one other school I really thought I wanted to go to. I wasn’t holding out a lot of hope for W&M after those rejections.
I was walking through the airport for my flight home when I got the email. There couldn’t have been a better time to get the good news. I had been accepted by W&M!
I know right now a lot of people are anxiously awaiting their admissions decision or their interview invitation. And I know it’s a long process and the anticipation is terrible. But decisions are coming soon, and when you get that email or that letter that says you’ve been accepted to the school you really wanted to go to, that’s an extremely exciting moment.