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Another Year!

Year 2 has started and I am already feeling super overwhelmed! Putting that aside, I want to welcome all of the new incoming students. We are so excited to have you here. I hope you all enjoy your classes as much as I have enjoyed mine so far. Even through the ups and downs, I would not change it for anything. I hope all of you take advantage of all the support you will get from our staff, faculty, and from your own peers.

I remember how nervous and anxious I was when I first came to the SOE. I was mostly excited to start graduate school, but I also felt very unsure of how well I would fit in with my cohort. One thing that I like about the counseling program here at William and Mary is how supportive and welcoming they are in making sure everyone feels included. (Yay for counselors!). Through both my master’s and now doctoral program, I am so appreciative of my peers, especially in helping me keep balance in my life. 

It was nice to meet everyone both at orientation and the welcome picnic! Congratulations on being here! And finally…GO TRIBE!