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Student Reflections

 Read student reflections regarding their relevant, engaging, field experiences and research efforts, and student life in general.

How to survive finals

We’re almost done!

Fall is here!

Being in Virginia has made me realize that I just LOVE fall season.

Final Projects Time

This semester is ending almost in a month


I am so excited that November here!

Serendipity or William and Mary

Sometimes good ideas come from disciplined planning and structured learning, and sometimes they arise by happenstance.

Midway through

Fall break is approaching

Only two semesters to go!

I guess planning for graduation seems to be my current stress reliever.

Back to School

Will learning occur?

(Mis)Adventures of an Anxious Grad Student: Kayaking

What if I couldn’t keep up with everyone because I am completely devoid of upper body strength? I think it is fair to say that a decent portion of my daily thinking is dominated by “what ifs”.

Summer Break is Over

Anxious, excited, nervous, etc. It’s hard to imagine that I will get through this summer with classes, my GA, and internship.

Graduation Day

It is such an exciting time. It is such a milestone. You are graduating with your Master’s Degree in Education. What an accomplishment!

Graduation of 2014 is right around the corner.

As graduation approached. I needed to find the perfect dress, get my cap and gown, and decide where I wanted to go to dinner after the ceremony with my friends and family. I was excited and proud of my accomplishments.

D.C. Trip

I am so excited to get a piece of home especially since I have been feeling homesick for the past couple of days.

We become changed.

We expected changes to be forged in our minds. We may not have expected the changes etched in our hearts.

Take care of you and take time for you everyday!

While I can honestly say this does not always happen, I try to frequently remind myself to take care of myself. During graduate school, it is easy to become consumed with the reading, homework, projects, and, well, daily life.

End of Third Year- Almost there

This switch in perspective comes with the realization that in only a few months’ time, the familiar surroundings that I have come to know these past three years will change and with it, the start of a new chapter in my life.

American Counselor’s Association conference in Hawaii!!

This blog, like several others, comes from the seat of a plane, wherein five hours’ time, I will be setting down on Oahu, to attend the 2014 American Counselor’s Association conference.

Four Seasons in a Day

I just recently read one of those memes floating around Facebook that couldn’t have been more true. It said, “If you experience 4 seasons in 2 days, you must be in Virginia!” Just last Saturday, we had a gorgeous 60 degree day, and by Monday we had ice and snow!

Day of Love

It’s the day of love, where we receive a special something from loved ones. Chocolates, cards, and flowers, Oh my! So why am I not feeling it this year?

Black History Month

The College of William and Mary has been a source of education and policy development since before the colonies revolted and formed the country we now know. William and Mary is no passive observer to history, it is history, a place where echoes of the past walk hand in hand with students and educators of today. More than 300 years of experience brings with it both a reputation for excellence and resiliency.