My First Semester at William and Mary

I just started my first semester at the School of Education. Everything seems new to me; Williamsburg, other students, faculty members, and even the fancy building of the School of Education. I had heard different things (both positive and negative) about living in Virginia before I came here, and I am so grateful that my experience has been just positive and good so far. I have found people at the school, friendly, warm, and supportive.

My schedule seems to be so hectic this semester. I know that I have to do lots of readings, assignments, and other extra work so that I can keep up with my cohort. At the same time I feel blessed that I am surrounded by smart and supportive people, and this gives me lots of opportunities to grow (which do not always feel “good” necessarily!). All that being said, I am getting ready for the challenges I will be facing this semester, and I am trying my best to stay positive throughout the process.