American Counselor’s Association conference in Hawaii!!

This blog, like several others, comes from the seat of a plane, wherein five hours’ time, I will be setting down on Oahu, to attend the 2014 American Counselor’s Association conference.  The timing couldn’t be better, as the Polar Vortex (or whatever other phenomenon meteorologists have dubbed it) has caused the weather in Virginia to be completely erratic.  In fact, the day that I left, the weather had snow in its forecast (and this is late March!).   And so, with the conference in Hawaii, I’m looking forward to soaking up the sun on the beautiful beaches and reuniting with old friends and mentors.  I only hope that I see as much of the conference as I hope to see of the island! Nonetheless, I am once again struck with a sense of gratitude at how fortunate I’ve been to be able to continue on in this field that I love.  I will be presenting with former classmates, who have since then, graduated from the program and are now working as full-time faculty members throughout the country, and having  the opportunity to not only have gotten to know them, but also work alongside them again, has been a real blessing.  It makes the reality that I will soon be graduated with a PhD and the possibility of getting a job in academia, that much more a reality.  A very comforting thought and I couldn’t have asked for more.