Summer Break is Over

It’s the second week of summer classes and it is starting to feel like I never left. It was nice while it lasted though. I am so glad that I was able to go home to Texas. I really needed it. I enjoyed my family and friends. The only thing I needed to make this trip perfect was if I had brought my dog, Bisket. All else aside, I enjoyed my week back home. It was just what I needed to come back motivated. Already in my second week of classes and I get to start my internship this week… today to be exact. I will be seeing my first family tonight and I am feeling all sorts of emotions: Anxious, excited, nervous, etc. It’s hard to imagine that I will get through this summer with classes, my GA, and internship. I am so excited for the weekends. I definitely have to plan a lot of self-care this summer. I must remember that I only have one more year left. A year from now, I would be graduated and hopefully getting ready to move back home to start my new job. Well, I must get back to work... till next time.