Between the Start and the Finish

Change is situational; transition is psychological.  The events surrounding us, the classes we attend, and the relationships we build change us, but it is how we reflect and grow and make meaning from these exchanges that help us transition from new students to academics and professionals.

 It is amazing to think I have been at William and Mary for two years.  Starting my third year in the Curriculum and Educational Technology PhD program is both thrilling and daunting.  I will take the Qualifying Exam and finish my PhD coursework during the fall semester, and I will take the Comprehensive Exam at the beginning of the spring semester that will hopefully lead to my transition from “student” to “candidate.”  Then I will be ready to move to dissertation.  So, as I keep saying to my colleagues, things are about to get real!

 I feel a mix of emotions as I approach this academic year that includes pride and gratitude.  Pride in what I have accomplished since I stepped into the School of Education two years ago and gratitude for all of the kindness and support I receive on a regular basis from my fellow colleagues and from all of my professors.  My experiences here have truly changed me, and I look forward to my continuing transition to an accomplished academic.    

Bring on 2014-2015!!