It’s a great time to celebrate

The fall semester is almost ending, and finally the School of Education Awards Ceremony has come today. It’s a great time to celebrate, and at the same time, look back and reflect on what I have been grateful for during this semester. Even though I already shared my appreciation for the sense of belonging I have been experiencing since I started my journey as a W&M student, I feel like receiving the recent financial assistance has enriched that sense in a unique way, and made me feel that I genuinely do belong to a supportive community.

As of now, I cannot think about how I might financially support others someday; however meeting with people who are currently supporting students in William & Mary, makes me think about the future where I hopefully will be able to support other people just like the way I have been supported so far. I think it’s an excellent moment where you feel that you are surrounded by people who care about you, and this ceremony is reminding me of this blessing. Thank you all!