Graduation Day

It is such an exciting time. It is such a milestone. You are graduating with your Master’s Degree in Education. What an accomplishment! You have a new title; some letters behind your name. You know more than you thought you needed to know. You have survived the late night study sessions, the last minute paper edits, the group projects, and the presentations.

The day is beautiful, if not a bit warm. The sun is shining; your family is here to celebrate not only your accomplishment, but mother’s day as well. You sit with your cohort, patiently waiting until it is your turn to walk up to the podium. They call your name as you walk toward the awaiting diploma and take a minute to inspect it. You stop for a picture with the dean. Your father takes your picture as well.

Ah, it’s official; the diploma has your name and Master of Education in the same sentence. You walk ahead to shake hands with the professors who made it happen. As you make your way through the line, the last professor says “See you tomorrow!”

Oh yes, your summer class for the Educational Specialist Degree starts the next day.

Well, on to the next phase…