How to survive finals

We’re almost done! The projects are being turned in, the tests are being taken, and in less than a week we will all be finished with this semester! Go us!

 Even though this is a bit late, I’ve put together some of my survival tips for finals week. Use them for the time that’s left or for next semester, whatever works for you.

 It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done. As it turns out, that paper that you’re totally stressing about or that project you just can’t seem to finish? It doesn’t have to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever written, it just needs to be a thing that you’ve written. It just needs to be finished and turned in. A lot of us have a tendency to put too much pressure on ourselves to make things perfect, and perfect just doesn’t exist. Take some of the pressure off, and remember that perfect is the enemy of good, and it just has to get finished.

 Bribe yourself to get things done. Finished a page of that paper? Time for some chocolate. Finished a paragraph? Time for some candy, too. Studied for twenty minutes? Definitely time for some goodies as well. Break things into bite size pieces and give yourself bite size rewards. Chocolate is clearly one of my favorites, but use whatever works for you, whether it be food or some much needed time in front of the tv, use what works for you to bribe yourself to the finish line. Because hey, we all deserve some treats.

 Space out your studying over time to remember things better. Ok, so I know that none of us have any time left this semester, but next semester, this is something to keep in mind. Studying things over time instead of cramming all at once has a lot of research to back it up, and it’s shown to be a more effective way of remembering things. So instead of studying all day the day before the exam, space it out, and study a little bit at a time in the week or so leading up to it. I know, it’s easier said than done, and I’m guilty of not taking my own advice here, but next semester, I’m all over this. Seriously.

 Remember to reward yourself for a job well done when you finish your last exam or turn in your last project. No matter what your grades are or how you feel about that last final, you did it, you survived, and now we get some time off to recover and do it all again in the spring.

 Happy Holidays everyone!