You did it! You survived! The world did not end!

It’s an amazing feeling when you are on the other side of what you would consider a hard week. Before such week, you get all these feelings of anxiety and fear because you feel like you can never survive. I mean how can you possibly survive when you have a million things do to and there aren’t enough hours in the day. So then you start planning and provide yourself with a checklist of things you know need to get done. You realize that there are unnecessary things you will never get to and it’s ok to let them go. So then the week starts. You feel like you are not accomplishing anything but yet you are getting things done. You see the seconds tick away… getting you closer to the dreaded deadlines. Midterm…check! Presentation….check! Another midterm….check! life…question mark? And then you find yourself at the end of the week and realize that you survived. Yes a few tears were shed but you tell yourself that they are there because you care. All those doubts that said you were never going to get things done have vanished. You did it! You survived! The world did not end! You now start believing that you can do this. And yes the following week will be just as hard but now with your new confidence, you know you will be on the other side, congratulating yourself on a job well done. Here is to the rest of the semester!