End of Third Year- Almost there

Somewhat interesting of late is how when I look upon my present surroundings, I now see things through a lens of transition.  This switch in perspective comes with the realization that in only a few months’ time, the familiar surroundings that I have come to know these past three years will change and with it, the start of a new chapter in my life.  With this understanding comes a sense of healthy anticipation in starting a career I have longed for, as well as a sense of sadness on how the connections formed here will fail to be the same.  Though there will be possibilities for reunions through conferences or other visits back to Williamsburg, the day to day interactions that were so commonplace will no longer be the norm and because of that there is some grieving that I must do.

But not far below the surface is the excitement I feel at returning home.  Soon, I will be reunited with my wonderful family, close network of friends, and the wonderful coffee shops, food carts and nature filled scenery of Portland Oregon.  And with me on this return home, is the education and opportunities that the Counselor Education program offered me.  I can’t deny that I’m returning to my home a different person, one who is much more educated on the field of counseling and able to speak of subjects with a level of expertise that I never knew I could, prior to coming to this program.  This will likely be the last blog I write, as my time here is coming to a close.  And so, as I reflect back on my time here, taking inventory of the joys and laughs shared with colleagues, as well as the challenges endured, sometimes shared, other times faced alone; I can’t help but feel a continued sense of gratitude for all of it.  Because though doctoral education will always be a challenge (especially coming from an institution of William and Mary’s caliber!), I know that the challenges pushed me to grow in ways that I could have never predicted and that I am better for it.  And so, I can’t help but look forward to the opportunity of being able to take what I have gained here to better my future students, clients and colleagues.  So in closing, thank you William and Mary.  Thank you for all of it… :)