Final Projects Time

My first semester in William and Mary is almost towards the end.  When I look back, I can see all the good and “bad” experiences I had throughout this semester, and then I can easily remember the lessons I learned by having those experiences.  Now I feel more supported since I have my wonderful friends around me. I feel really blessed to have such people in my life. I am thinking about how I could be a support for them as well since friendship is absolutely a mutual relationship.

This semester is ending almost in a month, and all final (BIG) projects are approaching us very quickly. That makes me feel both happy and nervous simultaneously. On one hand, I am excited about spring break since I will be having lots of great things to do; on the other hand, I am somehow panicking! Thinking about the projects and assignments that will be due in a couple of weeks, frustrates me.  Part of my mind says that I will get though that, and I will be fine; however, the other part is just worried. I am so happy that I have not let my school work get piled up so far. I’ll try my best to get through that and be fine… We will see.