Back to School

It’s back to school time. Notebooks, pens and pencils are packed. Class syllabi have been scoured and forms are filled out. There is some anxiety about what the instructors will expect. Will their expectations be met? Will learning occur? Will others be accepting and understanding? Will there be at least one person to connect with?
These are my thoughts during the last few days before school begins.
The bus arrives at 6:45am, and my daughter is off to her first day in middle school. I have some time before I need to get into my car and drive to my first class of the semester.
I realize that both of us are going through the same thing, and that she has had the same thoughts that I have. And then I think about what I am going to school to learn.
Take the time to think about the parents who leave their children in your care for the day. Appreciate the influence that you, as educators, counselors, and administrators, will have over them for the majority of their waking day.
Get the most out of your education here at William & Mary. Your community will thank you.