Only two semesters to go!

Everything seems to be happening so fast. I have officially applied for graduation and I am just in my second week of school! It is so great to think that I will be done soon yet there are a lot of things I need to do. I need to finish my 600 hours for internship, all the assignments for this semester and the next, my GA, walk my dog, eat, sleep, and keep my sanity! Though my schedule gets hectic, I am so excited to graduate in May. That is all I seem to be thinking so far. I guess planning for graduation seems to be my current stress reliever. This year, I am making an extra effort to do a lot of self-care to avoid burn outs. I just need to keep my self-organized and get through December. But for now, I need to focus what is in front of me: my off-site families. It is both exciting and scary to think my case load is increasing. I will get to see new families and apply what I have learned yet, that means more families to keep up with. I am sure once I get started my fear will decrease. All the unknowns are what affect me the most. Let’s hope that is what I work on this semester. Stop fearing the unknown.