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Student Reflections

 Read student reflections regarding their relevant, engaging, field experiences and research efforts, and student life in general.

Ack! It’s crunch time!

I used to be able to keep up with my reading. I used to turn in assignments before their due date. I used to have a little extra time to catch my show on Thursday nights at 9:00. What happened?!?

Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour!

I have to say, I see CW in a different way now that I am aware of these stories.

Happy Birthday to Me!

As I celebrate my birthday, I can’t help but think back on what has happened in the course of one year.

Commuting to grad school

When I talk to my friends about being in graduate school, a large number of them ask if I have any online classes or if I have to physically be on campus. When I tell them that all classes are on campus, they give me the “oh, poor you” look. I think that is because I live in New Kent, not Williamsburg. Usually, I just say that it’s not that bad and move on. But when I think about classes on campus versus online there are several reasons I don’t mind commuting.

To find an internship that pays!

As a second year in the School Psychology program, it is time for me to start thinking about where I want to do my internship.

Writer's Block!

Well, it’s somewhat ironic that the topic of this writing will be on the struggles that come from an inability to write and thus the substantial lack of free time. One word. Dissertation.

“The best way out, is always through” –Robert Frost

I have learned to adopt this motto in order to keep my sanity. Whether my anxiety comes from school or personal reasons, it is best to just get through it instead of just finding the easy way out.


I have always wanted to work with children. No matter how hard I try to get a better paying job, I find that I cannot stay away from public education.

Springtime in Williamsburg

There is something about being out on a golf course, in the midst of a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze, the melts away all of my worries.

Blogging from the seat of a plane.

All in all, it was a wonderful balance of having structured activities where we could interact with the students and faculty of Ljubljana, while still having enough freedom to do our own thing. Just another amazing opportunity presented to us by being a part of this wonderful program.

Vacation from my vacation

It always makes me laugh when people say they need a vacation from their vacation…but I’m not laughing this time! I really need a vacation from my vacation.

Traveling to China

This Spring break I had the opportunity to travel to China with students in the EPPL Higher Education and Counseling programs as part of the Global Studies course on Teaching and Learning in China.

Crunch Time

Coming into my first year as a Master's student in Community and Addictions Counseling 2 years ago was about as exciting a moment as ever for me. Now, it is almost over. With final exams, papers, presentations, the National Counselor Examination, and Graduation on the horizon, it is definitely CRUNCH TIME!

The beginning of the end

As a second year school psychology student here at W&M, my life is a little crazy right now.

Spring is in the air!

One of my favorite things to do here in Williamsburg is go for walk or run on one of the beautiful trails.

Changes on the Horizon

I am approaching a strange time in my life, a time where major life changes are right around the corner.

Annual Winter Gala

The School of Education at W&M offers many opportunities to get together with your classmates to enjoy a little R&R. One of the best, by far, is the winter gala that happens each year at the beginning of the spring semester.

Presidential Inauguration

Last week I was lucky enough to attend President Barack Obama’s second presidential inauguration. The original plan was for a small group of us to meet bright and early (read: 5:00am!) in Farragut and walk to an un-ticketed entrance.

Application Panic

Two years working with at-risk adolescents around suicide and another two years working with adults treating substance abuse and addiction, has come to be just enough experience in effectively handling the non-stop phone calls, emails and on a few occasions, walk-ins of panicked applicants.