Colonial Williamsburg Ghost Tour!

A couple of weeks ago, the Graduate Education Association planned an event for students from the School of Education to go on a Ghost Tour in CW. I have to say that even though I had lived here for a number of years, I have never had the chance to go on one of the tours. A few of us from the School Psychology program decided to go and learn about the ghosts of CW. It was the perfect night…not too cold or warm. I loved our guide as well, and she was very entertaining. It was a 75 minute tour, and she took us to a few houses and told us stories about the people who lived in the house and the tragedies that occurred.  After the tour ended, we went to try out some of the things that were mentioned, such as knocking on the door and repeating a particular phrase. While we did not have any of the experiences that the guide mentioned in her stories, I went to their website later that includes testimonials and pictures. Lots of people had found orbs and random white splotches in their pictures! It makes me want to go back to take some more pictures to look at what appears in the photo! I have to say, I see CW in a different way now that I am aware of these stories. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun, and I highly recommend the Ghost Tour if anyone is looking for something to do one night!