Springtime in Williamsburg

Now that Williamsburg is going to become my home for another several years, it is time for me to start to really embrace what this lovely community has to offer. My last 2 years as a student pretty much confined me to my apartment, the SOE classrooms, and my Internship sites. Suffice it to say, there was not as much leisure time as I would have preferred. Out of the free time I did have, my preference was golfing. Luckily for me, Williamsburg has several graduate-student-friendly priced courses which I was able to play last summer. There is something about being out on a golf course, in the midst of a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze, the melts away all of my worries. As a golfer myself, I find that this hobby allows me to become more mindful of my surroundings and more appreciative of what life has given men. If you are not a golfer, Williamsburg offers numerous places to wander and appreciate Mother Nature. The beautiful Williamsburg Botanical Gardens, hiking trails through the W&M campus, as well as taking a stroll through the Governor’s Palace Maze are all wonderful places to get away from daily stressors. If you’re more mindful and/or spiritually oriented, then I highly recommend taking a trip to the Labyrinth located at Eastern State Hospital. Whatever you decide, be sure to make the most of this beautiful weather. Fair warning: If you’re prone to allergies, good luck and my sincere apologies!