Vacation from my vacation

It always makes me laugh when people say they need a vacation from their vacation….but I'm not laughing this time! I really need a vacation from my vacation. This past weekend, I went home with a friend to Western North Carolina. It was only a LONG 6 hour drive, but everything seems shorter when you travel with friends. We got in late Wednesday night, and we couldn't see much as we traveled up the windy mountain roads. On Thursday, our friend took us to the Downtown area, where we had ice cream, walked over a bridge, saw an oncoming train, and of course got caught in a torrential Mountainsdownpour. On Friday, we walked up to waterfalls near my friend’s house. I love hiking. Aside from the gorgeous view, we found lots of neat rocks and even a jawbone of some animal (we later Google searched and found out that it was a deer mandible). In the midst of hiking though, it was terrifying…then again we were smack in the middle of nature!

On Saturday, my friend took us gem mining, to a delicious barbeque place, and hiking to waterfalls! I had never been gem mining before, but it was such a fun experience. I found amethyst, emeralds, garnets, topaz, and other gems! I think I might have to create a craft project or put them in a jar to put them on display! At the barbeque place, I tried FRIED PICKLES for the first time! While I was skeptical at first, I have to say….they’re delicious. Then, we went hiking to waterfalls. They were absolutely gorgeous. We just sat there for a few minutes to enjoy the scenery and the peacefulness.

On Sunday, it was time to go! Sadly, our trip was over and we headed back towards Williamsburg. With  a pit stop for food and gas, we made it in late Sunday night. After unpacking, driving, and getting up early on Monday morning, I need a vacation from my vacation.