I have always wanted to work with children. No matter how hard I try to get a better paying job, I find that I cannot stay away from public education. I did my undergraduate studies and student teaching at Wofford College and have worked in a high school, daycare, elementary school and church class since then. I even did a brief stint as a stay-at-home mom. Having children and seeing them go to school has made me more aware of the needs of children in public schools today. That is what made me apply to William and Mary’s School Psychology program. I knew that William and Mary would provide a strong course of learning that I could take anywhere and be effective.

I have found that my world has opened up in so many ways since starting the program just one month ago. My brain is working on a much different level than it has been the past ten years or so. I can feel my thinking expanding in so many creative ways. I feel confident going into the schools and educational settings with just the little bit of knowledge I have gleaned from my classes and readings so far. The fact that we are able to go into the schools so soon is a real advantage in being able to apply classroom knowledge to real settings.

There are days when I have doubts and I think “Why am I trying to do this with three elementary-aged children at home?” Then I remember the night before, driving home, energized by the class I just took, ideas racing in my head, not being able to wait to write about it or implement a plan, and those doubts disappear.