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Student Reflections

 Read student reflections regarding their relevant, engaging, field experiences and research efforts, and student life in general.

New Beginnings

Self-care (with yoga!) as the semester starts up.

Third Year Philosophies

Synthesizing the past, present, and future...

My Final Blog Post

In which I bid adieu to my loyal audience of readers (a.k.a. my mother).

Is it Summer Yet?

Slowly crawling to the end of the semester…

Summer Break

To mush, or not to mush?


In which I try to process the fact that I graduate in five weeks.

March Madness (again!)

March is a crazy month for counselor education students

Botticelli Exhibit

One of two paintings in the world…in Williamsburg.

Playacting Dysfunction

Learning Marriage & Family Counseling through role play

Hygge: How to Enjoy Being Stuck Inside

Because if there’s one thing this Minnesotan knows how to do, it’s treat cabin fever.

The Waiting Game

The theme for this semester: patience

Your Personal Brand

Coke or Cherry Coke?

On Trying Something New

New semester, new challenges

New Year’s Intention

…because the year already looks different than I expected.

Comprehensive Exams

Teaching, Research, Supervision, and Family Therapy