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Is it Summer Yet?

I don’t think there are enough words to express how ready I am for this semester to be done with. I am so drained but there are still many things to get done before I can take a long deserved nap. I have final papers and presentations to be done.  There are a few clinic administrative tasks that need to be completed before the clinic closes. And top of that, I am on my 30-day clock for my candidacy paper. Being a second year is no joke. I am ready to be that useless third year that everyone keeps hinting at. In spirit of staying positive (as I have been doing this past year), I will focus on the positive. For one, I will be able complete my oral comps early summer. I have a few research projects lined up that will hopefully lead to publications. One of my favorite conferences (the NBCC 2017 Bridging the Gap Symposium) is coming up. And finally, I am really excited about how my dissertation topic is coming together.

Though I am reflecting on what is yet to come, I do want to take some time to appreciate what experienced this year. Though I did not see it at the time, I am glad to know that how I deal with stress has improved. In a field where the unexpected is expected, I am glad to know that I have increased my skills to deal with ambiguity. I felt myself grow as a leader. I was able to work on my confrontation skills and better advocate for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still have room for improvement but I am getting there. I am glad to know that I survived what is known to be the hardest year of the program. (I know… I know… I can’t claim this one yet but I think I will make it :]). So in conclusion, while I am excited for what is to come, I do appreciate what I have been through. For now, I will leave you with what I think is a perfect picture of how I feel (haha): 

crawling to the end of the semester