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When I'm stressed, one of the most frustrating reassurances someone can give me is to say something like, "This soon shall pass." Yes, of course whatever's stressing me out WILL pass soon, but that little colloquialism feels invalidating when I'm having a hard time.

And yet, grad school has passed so, so quickly.

Although I'm excited to graduate – I'll be moving back to Minnesota, the greatest state in the country, to start my counseling career – I'm also sad. Because my program uses the cohort method, I've gained 30 close friends over the past two years. Gracie and I have a great set-up, as we live right next to a park as well as her friend (yep, singular – she can be a little picky when it comes to other dogs!). I run every other day on a beautiful paved trail that goes all the way to Richmond. My apartment is comfortable, my roommate is awesome, and my routines are set. It's going to be hard to start over.

The beautiful (and tough) thing about starting over in life is that there are no clean endings. Although I'll be leaving the friends I've made in Virginia behind, they will still be here for me when I come back and visit. Williamsburg will be here, too, with its beautiful brick buildings and people dressed in colonial outfits and quaint college town charm. And the memories we've all made together will be with me wherever I go. 

Congratulations in advance, Class of 2017. We did it! One Tribe, one family.