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Summer Break

Summer break is a mere 3 weeks away.  Flowers are blooming, sun is shining, allergies are murderous, and people are coming into the office of admissions to pick up their graduation packets, with looks of both excitement and perhaps a little nervousness, on their faces.  But for those of us returning next fall, how do we spend the summer?  I’ve always volleyed back and forth with this question, wondering if taking some time off to relax, travel, do some recreational reading (which I’ve yet to do since starting the program over a year and a half ago), and generally just enjoying break is the best option. Or, if working through the summer, pushing forward, getting things done that hadn’t during the school year, and getting a leg up on the upcoming semester is the wiser choice. Perhaps a hybrid of sorts is best for the summer of 2017?  Last year I went back home to Michigan for three months, and while I enjoyed returning home, seeing friends and family, my mind turned to mush after about a month. I had been so accustomed to utilizing, what at times, seemed to be every neuronal connection in my brain, that when my days were spent on recreational activities, I felt as if I wasn’t accomplishing anything, or, that I should be doing something else, using my time more wisely. Hopefully this summer break I’ll avoid the mushy brain and only turn semi-mushy.