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5th Annual SOE Research Symposium

I participated in the Graduate Research Symposium here at the school last year, without much experience presenting any sort of informal/formal research. I’m glad I did. I think it’s easy for us (students) to get a little too involved in the research, projects, and assignments surrounding our schedules, so much so that we sometimes miss out or pay little attention to the research and interests of our peers and colleagues. The 5th annual William & Mary School of Education Graduate Research Symposium is today, and showcases research topics presented by our very own students, focusing on areas of: counseling, social justice and advocacy, and general topics in education.  When I attended last year, I had done so with the intention of simply presenting on my topic, and leaving shortly after.  I ended up staying the remaining time to sit in on presentations of which I was unfamiliar with, to at the very minimum, expand my knowledge base on different subjects and topics being researched within the school. So, you know you’ll be on campus tomorrow studying anyway…why not learn something new along the way?