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2E @ W&M Online Conference Presenters

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Megan Foley Nicpon

Megan Foley Nicpon, Ph.D., is the Myron and Jacqueline Blank Endowed Chair and Director of the University of Iowa’s Belin-Blank Center, as well as a licensed psychologist and professor of Counseling Psychology.

Dr. Foley Nicpon’s research and clinical interests include assessment and intervention with high ability students with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and emotional/learning difficulties, and the social and emotional development of talented and diverse students. She has one co-edited book and over 50 referred articles and book chapters in the areas of talent development, counseling psychology, and twice-exceptionality, and given over 100 presentations at international, national, and state professional meetings.

Dr. Foley Nicpon provides clinical and research supervision to doctoral students in Counseling Psychology, many of whom focus on child psychology and talent development.  Awards include the Big Ten Academic Alliance Fellowship, NAGC Early Scholar Award, AERA Research on Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Path Breaker Award, AERA Division E Outstanding Research Award in Human Development, and, twice, the MENSA Research Award, MENSA Education & Research Foundation.

Dr. Sally M. Reis

Sally M. Reis holds the Letitia Neag Morgan Chair in Educational Psychology at the Neag School of Education at the University of Connecticut. She is also a UConn Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor, and served as Vice Provost of Academic Affairs. As Vice Provost, she has implemented several new and innovative programs for Honors Students, Effective Teaching and Learning, and innovative undergraduate student research.  She is a former Department Head of the Educational Psychology Department and also served as Principal Investigator of the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. She is a fellow of Division 15 of the American Psychological Association, and has won numerous professional awards including the Distinguished Scholar of the National Association for Gifted Children, for her scholarly contributions. She also served as President of the National Association for Gifted Children.  She was a classroom teacher as well as an administrator for 15 years before becoming a professor. She has authored and co-authored more than 250 publications, including articles, book chapters, and numerous monographs and technical reports, and worked in a research team that has generated over 35 million dollars in grants during the last 15 years. Her publications have appeared in journals such as American Educational Research Journal. Journal of Educational Research, American Psychologist Exceptional Children, and Phi Delta Kappan. Her research interests are related to academically talented students and talent development as well as special populations of gifted and talented students, including students with learning disabilities, diverse groups of talented students who are often underserved and underachieve in school. Her recent work has involved methods of using gifted education pedagogy to stimulate interests, learning styles and abilities in all children.. She has conducted research on the Schoolwide Enrichment Triad Model, a model she developed with Joseph Renzulli. The SEM has been implemented in thousands of school districts throughout the world.Some of her most cited research has been conducted on talented women and girls. In her most recent work, she has conducted research about using enrichment strategies to challenge and engage talented readers and students identified as twice exceptional.

Dr. Joseph Renzulli image001.png

Joseph Renzulli is a professor of educational psychology at the University of Connecticut, where he also serves as director of the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented. His research has focused on the identification and development of creativity and giftedness in young people, and on organizational models and curricular strategies for differentiated learning environments that contribute to total school improvement. A focus of his work has been on applying the pedagogy of gifted education to the improvement of learning for all students.

Dr. Renzulli is the author of numerous books and articles, and he has been awarded more than $35 million in research grants. He is Fellow in the American Psychological Association and was designated a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor at the University of Connecticut in 2000. In 2003 he was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The American Psychological Association’s Monitor on Psychology named Dr. Renzulli among the 25 most influential psychologists in the world. He lists as his proudest professional accomplishment being the founder of the summer Confratute program at UConn, which began in 1978, and has served approximately thirty thousand teachers and administrators from around the world. His most recent work is a computer-based assessment of student strengths integrated with an Internet based search engine that matches enrichment activities and resources with individual student profiles,

Featured Speakers


Dr. Edward Amend

Edward R. Amend, Psy.D., is a Clinical Psychologist at The Amend Group, a comprehensive center for psychological, educational, and gifted services. Dr. Amend is licensed to practice in both Kentucky and Ohio. In his Lexington, Kentucky office, Dr. Amend focuses on the social, emotional, and educational needs of gifted and talented youth, adults, and their families. He has worked in both private practice and community mental health settings, as well as in consulting positions with clinics, hospitals, schools, and other organizations. He presents locally and nationally on topics related to the needs of gifted children.

Dr. Amend is co-author of two award-winning books: A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children; and Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults: ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, Asperger's, Depression, and Other Disorders. Dr. Amend has authored or co-authored a number of articles, book chapters, and columns about gifted children.

As a strong advocate for the gifted population, Dr. Amend's years of service have included the Board of Directors of Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG); President of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education (KAGE) and Chair for the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Counseling and Guidance Network. He has been a consultant to the Davidson Institute for Talent Development and a Contributing Editor for Roeper Review, a peer-reviewed journal for gifted education. Dr. Amend is actively involved with the Assessment Special Interest Group of NAGC and the National Twice Exceptional Community of Practice. He is a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), APA's Division 53 (Child-Clinical Psychology), and the Kentucky Psychological Association.

Emily Kircher-Morris

Emily Kircher-Morris, M.A., M.Ed., LPC, inspired by her own experiences as a twice-exceptional (2e) learner, is dedicated to supporting 2e children—including her own—in a way she wasn’t during her academic years. She has taught in gifted classrooms, has been a school counselor, and is now in private practice as a licensed professional counselor, where she specializes in helping gifted, twice-exceptional, and neurodivergent kids.

Emily is the author of several books related to the development of twice-exceptional learners. "Teaching Twice-Exceptional Learners in Today's Classroom" (Free Spirit Publishing, 2021) focuses on supporting 2e learners in the educational setting, and "Raising Twice-Exceptional Children: A Handbook for Parents of Neurodivergent Gifted Kids" (Routledge, 2022) is a guide for parents navigating the world of twice-exceptionality. She is also a co-author on the second edition of “A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Children” (Gifted Unlimited, LLC, 2023).

Emily hosts The Neurodiversity Podcast, which explores parenting, counseling techniques, and best practices for enriching the lives of neurodivergent people. She is the founder of the St. Louis-based nonprofit Gifted Support Network. She speaks at statewide, national, and international conferences and frequently provides virtual and in-person professional development to educators worldwide. Many of her presentations and workshops can also be found at the Neurodiversity University online learning platform. Emily lives near St. Louis, Missouri.

 Theresa Jackson

Theresa Jackson is the Talented and Gifted (TAG) Supervisor of Prince George’s County Public Schools, MD and has been since 2005. She was a teacher of gifted students at a TAG magnet program for 9 years prior to becoming the supervisor. She is the current co-chair of the Maryland Gifted and Talented Advisory Council (GTAC), a previous co-chair from 2015-2018, and a member since 2012. She is a member of the Bridges Academy M.Ed. Program Advisory Committee, Johns Hopkins University School of Education Twice Exceptional Advisory Committee and previous member of Johns Hopkins CTY Curriculum Committee. She has taught graduate courses as an adjunct professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Education, McDaniel College, and Trinity College. She has served as the vice president and social media director of the Maryland Educators of Gifted Students (MEGS) for 9 years and a member of the MEGS Gifted Conference since 2004.

Dr. Matt Zakreski

Matthew “Dr. Matt” Zakreski, PsyD is a high energy, creative clinical psychologist who utilizes an eclectic approach to meet the specific needs of his neurodivergent clients.  He is proud to serve the Gifted community as a consultant, a professor, an author, and a researcher.  He has spoken over 300 times all over the world about supporting neurodivergent kids.  Dr. Zakreski is a member of Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG), the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC), and Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE).  Dr. Zakreski graduated from Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology (IGCP) in 2016.  He is the co-founder of The Neurodiversity Collective:

Breakout SessionPresenters

Cynthia Allen-Fuss, M.Ed. allen-fuss.jpg

Cynthia has a master’s degree in special education from Millersville University. Her Bachelor’s degree in Individual and Family Studies with an emphasis on child development is from Pennsylvania State University. Cynthia has taught graduate-level courses as a lecturer for Cabrini University. As a National Board-Certified Teacher (NBCT) in literacy with additional teaching certifications in elementary education and as a reading specialist, she has over 25 years of teaching experience. Through clinical research, Cynthia is working to advance the scientific knowledge of dyslexia and 2e children.

Gayle G. Bentley bentleyheadshot_6.jpg

Gayle Bentley has been an educator for over 23 years and is a doctoral candidate at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education. She is also the mother of three neurodivergent sons. She currently serves as the Gifted/2e Academic Director at 2e4ME Academy, a nonprofit learning academy for 2e students. She recently founded The Bentley Center where she provides private educational consulting services for parents, families, and teachers of gifted and twice-exceptional students. She regularly presents at state and national conferences about teaching gifted and twice-exceptional students, including SENG, the Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, the California Association for the Gifted, and the 2e Conference at William & Mary. She also published her first book with Dr. Lin Lim, called "Using Picture Books to Help Little Ones Learn About Themselves."

 John Burrell burrell.jpg

John Burrell is a second-year doctoral student at the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Giftedness, and Talent Development at the University of Connecticut. He received his BA in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in GLBT studies from the University of Minnesota. John earned his Master of Arts in Teaching from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. He taught math and science for seven years before coming to UCONN. John has continued to serve on the faculty of the Phillips Academy Andover Summer program. As a Graduate Assistant, John is working on Project EAGLE, which explores dynamic approaches to identifying gifted English Learners (ELs) in the math classroom. John’s research interests include mathematical education, executive functions, and the evolution of academic and cultural conceptions of giftedness and talent development.

Megan Cannella cannella_headshot.jpg

Megan Cannella is the Director of Outreach at the Davidson Institute (, where she has worked since 2019. Before that, she taught college-level humanities courses for almost a decade. Megan's outreach role allows her to continue to grow the work she is most passionate about and dedicated to: connecting students and families with the services and supports they need to reach their goals. Her work focuses on advocacy and equity in gifted education. Contact Megan at

Tiffany Chaiko, M. Ed. chaiko_tiffany.jpg

Tiffany Chaiko is a third-year doctoral student at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education and a 2e adult. She holds a certificate in twice-exceptional education from Bridges Graduate School. Tiffany is married and a parent of 2e young adults. She has a diverse professional background. Tiffany’s research interests include the intersections between creativity and 2e learners, talent development and 2e learners, and developing positive and strength-based environments with 2e learners.

Sandra E. Clifton clifton.jpg

After earning her master’s degree in education and serving as a high school English teacher for over a decade, Sandra earned credentials as a professional life coach and joined The RULER Team at the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University to guide teachers in a program of SEL. She then opened her own private practice, the Clifton Corner--a safe space to support overwhelmed students who struggle with issues of perfection, motivation, organization, learning differences, and self-esteem. For the past seventeen years, Sandra has worked to promote discovery and personal accountability to help young people transform their identity through the tools of mindfulness, creativity, leadership and positive psychology as a Board-Certified Educational Therapist. Sandra shares a special affinity with both athletes and artists who shine with strengths outside of school--but may encounter challenges with academic insecurities in the classroom--often identified as gifted, sensitive and/or twice-exceptional students. Sandra also guides parents through curriculum decisions and school transitions to create more joy in the journey of learning. She recently served as an intern at the Belin-Blank Center and just earned her doctorate in Cognitive Diversity at Bridges Graduate School.

Ashleigh D'Aunoy, Ed.D. aunoy_headshot.jpg

Ashleigh D’Aunoy is director of enrichment, innovation, and talent development at Episcopal School of Acadiana in Lafayette, Louisiana. She wears many hats in this role: directing the enrichment cluster program; creating and teaching a design thinking curriculum for K-5th grade students; and working to meet the needs of the school’s diverse learners through a strength-based, talent-focused lens. She is also affiliated with Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity, as faculty and as a case manager for the Strength-Based Assessment Lab. Ashleigh’s background is as diverse as her job description. She holds an EdD in cognitive diversity, a Master of Arts in Teaching, a Master of Music in flute performance, and Bachelor of Arts degrees in music and anthropology, with certifications in elementary education, music K-8, and academically gifted. She has also earned a certificate for training in 2e. Ashleigh has over 20 years experience in teaching in a variety of contexts and subject areas, including undergraduate music and dance courses, an arts integration program in Title 1 schools, workshops and residency programs in West African music and dance, private flute instruction, and elementary school language arts, math, social studies, enrichment, and design thinking.

Marcy Dann, Ed.D. dann_headshot_2022.jpeg

Marcy Dann, Ed.D., specializes in providing a strength-based, talent-focused lens when consulting with parents, educators, and administrators regarding the complex and nuanced learning profiles of twice-exceptional (2e) students. Specifically, Dr. Dann is interested in parent perceptions and reactions to the assessment process of their 2e children. Dr. Dann provides consultation at Bridges Academy (2004 - present) where she creates individualized learning profiles for each 2e student. She is also a board-certified educational therapist in clinical practice (35+ years). In higher education, Dann was an instructor, supervisor, and coordinator of the master’s and post-master’s Educational Therapy Programs at California State University, Northridge (2004 - 2021). She was president of the Association of Educational Therapists (2010 - 2012) and was honored by AET for her exceptional work performed on behalf of the profession. She is a contributing writer to the 2e Newsletter and Variations 2e.


Austin J. Foglesong, MLIS, M.Ed. foglesong_austin.jpeg

Austin J. Foglesong, MLIS, M.Ed., is the Supervising Librarian II at the Moses Lake Public Library (NCW Libraries) in Moses Lake, Washington. Austin is a former high school English teacher and enrichment specialist from Quincy, Washington. He is pursuing his Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) in Cognitive Diversity from Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education. In 2022, he received his Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree from the University of Washington. In 2018, he received his Master of Education in Teaching and Learning (M.Ed.) and a gifted education specialty endorsement from Whitworth University. He is a positive role model of lifelong learning with a passion for reading and writing. His specialties include gifted education, library and information science, and twice-exceptional (2e) education. Austin serves on the Northwest Gifted Child Association (NWGCA) board, a support and advocacy organization for parents of gifted children. He also serves on the Washington Library Association (WLA) Advocacy Committee and the Washington Association of Educators of the Talented and Gifted (WAETAG) Partnership Committee.

S. Ley-Anne Folks, M.Ed. folkspic.jpg

S. Ley-Anne Folks, M.Ed. is a second year Ed.D. student in Cognitive Neurodiversity at Bridges Graduate School. In her M.Ed. degree (Gifted with ADHD), she investigated the role of executive functions (EF) in learning for gifted adolescents with ADHD and developed classroom support strategies and techniques for gifted and twice-exceptional (2e) students with EF delays. Her current research interests include teacher perceptions of complex 2e learners, particularly those may be identified as “difficult” by their teachers.

A Canadian educator, with 14 years experience, Ley-Anne specializes in teaching and supporting 2e learners. As a middle school learning strategist, she works directly with teachers and students to understand the students’ learning needs and crafts personalized learning plans to support the often complex needs of 2e students in the classroom. Ley-Anne approaches this work through a social-emotional lens, believing that students must feel physically and psychologically safe in their environment before they will be available to learn at their full capacity. She also shares her knowledge and experience by presenting at local and international gifted and 2e conferences on numerous 2e topics relevant to both professional and parent audiences.

Dr. Amy Haynes Clark clark.jpeg

Dr. Amy Haynes Clark found her love of twice-exceptional education through the creation of Chestnut Ridge Academy, which she founded to serve her son by creating highly customized experiences for gifted and exceptional minds. She has since earned a Doctorate in Education at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity with a focus on Innovative Leadership. She now supports neurodivergent individuals as well as their families, educators, and employers through her consultancy, Exceptionally Engaged. At Exceptionally Engaged, she helps parents to adopt strategies that foster harmony in the home, employers to create positive work environments, and educators to build engagement in learning. As a mentor for multi-exceptional students, she supports a sense of belonging and self-efficacy by exploring how their strengths, talents, and interests might guide their future pathways. She is a fierce advocate for the life-changing benefit of service dogs for neurodivergent individuals and is currently building communities to support these opportunities at Heel & Home. With her multi-disciplinary background in technology, learning, design and research she loves supporting those interested in collaborating on the magic that lies at the intersection of technology and learning.

Mrs. Brianne Hudak, M. Ed. hudak.jpeg

Mrs. Brianne Hudak, M. Ed. has been education for over sixteen years serving in public, private, and charter schools. She is passionate about meeting exceptional students’ needs both academically and social-emotionally through equitable and innovative methods/models, and developing lifelong learners, global citizens, and future leaders with critical and creative thinking skills. Her roles in education are diverse and include teaching the gifted and talented, single-gender, PK3-5th grades, STEM, theatre arts, and global studies. She has also held administrative roles as a curriculum and instructional specialist, teacher mentor, student activities director, dean of students, assistant principal, K-12 school leader, and adjunct professor. Mrs. Hudak is an educational entrepreneur developing a school for the gifted and talented in North Carolina, a national educational coach, consultant, and speaker, and currently pursuing a doctorate degree in educational leadership focusing on combating underachievement in the gifted and talented population.


Dr. Claire Hughes claire-hughes-close.jpeg

Dr. Claire Hughes is Professor of Gifted and Twice-Exceptional Education at Cleveland State University. Previously, she was Professor of Elementary and Special Education at the College of Coastal Georgia, Senior Lecturer of Special Education at Canterbury Christ Church in the UK, and a Fulbright Scholar to Greece. Winner of the Gifted & Award from NAGC in 2022, she is President-Elect of The Association for the Gifted of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC-TAG) and previously, Chair of the Special Populations Network of the National Association for Gifted Children. Her research areas include: twice-exceptional children, Generational studies, AI in Education, and international education.

Sarah Jackson sarah_jackson.png

Sarah Finch Jackson is currently serving as the 2e Instructional Specialist in Accelerated and Enriched Instruction with Montgomery County Public Schools (MD). She has previously taught self-contained and inclusive honors English and Reading and AP Language classes to students in grades 6-12. Sarah has a master's in special education, including Gifted and Talented Education Specialist certification from Johns Hopkins University. In addition to being twice-exceptional herself, Sarah is the mom to a precocious seven-year-old daughter and lives with her 2e husband and many, many cats.


Lisa Jobe, Esq. jobe.headshot.png

Lisa Jobe is an educator, consultant and advocate specializing in providing support for profoundly gifted/2e learners and their families. Lisa pivoted from her corporate law career to homeschool her profoundly gifted sons, and has now devoted the past fifteen years to teaching and serving as an advocate in the gifted community. She has served on numerous school boards and advisory groups, and volunteers in many capacities, including collaborating in NAGC’s Member Advisory Group, serving on the Gifted Homeschoolers’ Forum (GHF) Board, where she leads the first virtual co-op for gifted/2e families, and co-hosting a parent support group amongst Davidson Young Scholar families with profoundly gifted learners.

Lisa is co-founder of Sequoia Gifted and Creative LLC, which serves gifted and twice-exceptional families nationally with individualized learning and advocacy support. She is also a doctoral student at Bridges Graduate School, studying cognitive diversity in education. Lisa has several areas of passion, including individualized learning, strengths-based education, creativity, and acceleration advocacy. Please feel free to reach out to Lisa any time at

Adam Laningham, M.Ed. laningham-adam_heaadshot.png

Adam Laningham is the author of several books, including Gifted Children & How Trauma Impacts Them, and has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. Adam was recognized as the Arizona Gifted Teacher of the Year, he has taught at several schools in multiple grade levels, created and facilitated numerous gifted programs, and served as a district manager coordinating programs for over 6,000 gifted students. Adam is the founder and owner of Bright Child Books and The Gifted Collective. He is currently an international speaker, consultant, and gifted advocate, as well as the President-Elect of SENG - Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted, a founding member of Callisto (supporting gifted foster youth), an advisor for CogAT Riverside Insights, and serves on the Leadership Council for the Arizona Association for Gifted & Talented.

Sarah Lavezzo, M. Ed. lavezzo_headshot.jpg

Sarah Lavezzo is the founder and director of Wonder Learning Collective, an educational nonprofit that believes the purpose of education is to equip students to be lifelong learners and compassionate citizens while preparing them to live an enriched, fulfilling life as they create positive change in their community and world. She is also the founder of Ascend Micro School – a K-8 modern one-room schoolhouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado and co-founder of the Scholé Center for Innovative Education in Arlington, Virginia. Additionally, she has co-authored several curriculums for the United States Institute of Peace and Heartwork, served on DC Public Schools' Experiential Learning Task Force, and was featured as National Geographic's Educator of the Week.

She holds a graduate degree in curriculum & instruction and an endorsement in gifted education & talent development. She is passionate about learner-driven education, global education, and empowering children and families. As the mom of a delightful 2e daughter, she loves to build community with other parents and support them in their journeys. You can reach her at

Lin Lim, Ph.D.lin_headshot_2021maincrop.jpg

Dr. Lin Lim has a Ph.D. in human development psychology from Boston University, an Academic Graduate Certificate in twice-exceptional education from Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, and an Academic Graduate Certificate in Mind, Brain, and Education from Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Education. She is a translational scientist specializing in sustainable well-being and complex outlier lifespan development through a dynamic systems perspective. She is currently the Dean at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education and volunteers for various gifted-related non-profits including serving as the President of Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted. She can be reached at


Dr. Ana Miródr.ana_miro.jpg

Dr. Ana Miró´s background is in Curriculum and Teaching, Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Educational Leadership and Special and Elementary Education. She has more than 40 years of experience in the field of Special Education, of which 30 are at the University of Puerto Rico (PR). She has been a teacher in the public and private system in PR and the US and served as an educational expert in lawsuits in Special Education cases.  She possesses extensive experience as a lecturer and trainer. She has presented her service and research work in several important organizations such as National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), Council of Exceptional Children (CEC), World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC), Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG) and Bridges Academy, among others. Since 2002 she has been working in the field of giftedness and 2e in several tasks such as a trainer, consultant, practitioner, and researcher.

Dr. Miró received the People to watch recognition from the 2e Media Bridges Center in 2021. She is a pioneer in PR in the field of 2e. She coordinates the service and research PROJECT DE AFEECToTwice Exceptionality- Supporting Families, Schools, Students and Communities through Interdisciplinary Work in which services and research are directed to 2e students and their families as well as professionals.  Some of the topics addressed in the research are socio-emotional development, dual accommodations, interdisciplinary teamwork, and ecological approach. In addition, a support group for families is maintained and activities are carried out with students in which academic skills are merged with socio-emotional skills.  Families are supported in the development of individualized educational plans and in active participation in their children's educational processes. In addition, professional development activities are continuously offered and the knowledge and needs of professionals are documented. She is currently working on the development of public policy for 2e in PR.

Mary Murray Stowe, M.Ed. murraystowe.jpg

Mary Murray Stowe, M.Ed. works with teachers, administrators, instructional coaches, directors, and coordinators of Special Education through the Training and Technical Assistance Center at William & Mary and the Virginia Department of Education as an educational specialistMary is certified as a SIM™ Certified Learning Strategy Professional Developer, Certified Local LETRS Classic Trainer, LETRS Third Edition Facilitator, and a SIM Content Enhancement Routine Professional Developer in Training.   As a technical assistance consultant, Mary supports the National Center for Improving Literacy and Educator’s Testing Center. Currently, Mary is a doctoral candidate in Special Education and serves as the President of the Virginia Branch of the International Dyslexia Association.  

Angela Novak, Ph.D. 

Angela M. Novak, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in Elementary and Middle Grades in the College of Education. Dr. Novak’s current research interests include equitable professional learning; diversity, equity, & belongingness in gifted & talented education; equity in play; and collegiate teaching practices. Dr. Angela M. Novak has co-authored several books, including Empowering Gifted Educators as Change Agents: A Playbook for Equity-Driven Professional Learning. Additionally, her research can be found in various educational publications, such as Parenting for High Potential and Gifted Education Review.

Yekaterina O'Neil 

Yekaterina (Katrina) O’Neil is a homeschooling mom by day, a doctoral student by night, and a software security researcher by trade. The mom to two 2e kids in middle and high school, she began homeschooling them after public school turned out not to be a fit. To understand and support her kids better, Katrina is pursuing a Doctoral Degree at Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education, while attempting to juggle a career in cybersecurity at the same time. She is passionate about neurodiversity and hopes to spread awareness and acceptance of neurodivergent individuals at home, at school, and in the workplace. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science & Engineering from UC San Diego.

Debbie Ramer, Ed.S. 

Debbie Ramer is an assistant clinical professor in Curriculum & Instruction/ Special Education at the College of William & Mary, Coordinator of the W&M Special Education Program, Co-Director of the W&M Literacy Lab, and Principal Investigator of the W&M TTAC grant. She holds an Education Specialist degree from the University of Virginia in Special Education with an emphasis in reading. At W&M, she teaches classes in language and reading development, exceptional education, educational assessment, and university-school-family partnerships. Prior to joining the faculty at William & Mary, Debbie was an educational consultant/diagnostician with the Virginia Hospital Education Program at MCV’s Child Neurology Clinic and a K-5 special education teacher. Her research interests include educating educational professionals about the Science of Teaching Reading, early intervention services and supports, traumatic brain injury, data-driven intervention, and special education teacher preparation/retention. She presents regularly at local, state, national and international conferences.

Jacqueline Renfrow 

Jacqueline is a writer and editor of more than 20 years with a focus on health and education journalism. She has a certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching from Johns Hopkins University's School of Education where she is finishing up a master's degree in education and serving as adjunct faculty. When she is not writing, studying, or advocating, she is the proud and exhausted mother of three neurodiverse children, two of whom are twice exceptional.


Dr. Karem Roitman (FHEA, DPhil) 

Dr Karem Roitman is the Director of Thinkers Meet Up, which was set up to provide courses and resources to serve gifted and 2e young Thinkers. Dr Roitman teaches political philosophy to young Thinkers while also lecturing on political philosophy and international development at the Open University. She has authored books, curricula, and articles on inclusive education, racism, education for democracy, and teaching skills for the future. Dr Roitman is from Ecuador and has worked as an educational consultant for various international organisations. Her latest book ‘Seeking the Perfect World: A Critical Discussion of Global Challenges for the Young and Curious’ will be published by Prufrock Press in 2024.

 Del Siegle, Ph.D. 

Del Siegle is the Lynn and Ray Neag Endowed Chair for Talent Development at the University of Connecticut, where he directs the U. S. National Center for Research on Gifted Education (NCRGE). He is a past-president of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) and recipient of their 2021 Founder’s Memorial, 2018 Distinguished Scholar, and 2011 Distinguished Service Award. He is a former co-editor of Gifted Child Quarterly (GCQ) and the Journal of Advanced Academics (JOAA), co-author with Gary Davis and Sylvia Rimm of the 6th and 7th editions of Education of the Gifted and Talented, author of The Underachieving Gifted Child: Recognizing, Understanding, & Reversing Underachievement, and author of a technology column for Gifted Child Today.

Julie Skolnick M.A., J.D. skolnick.jpg

Julie F. Rosenbaum Skolnick, M.A., J.D., Founder of With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC, passionately guides parents of gifted and distractible children, mentors 2e adults, trains educators and advises professionals on how to bring out the best and raise self-confidence in their 2e students and clients.

A prolific write and beloved speaker, Julie hosts "The Haystack 2e Adult Membership Group" which welcomes all ‘2e adult needles,’ hosts Let’s Talk 2e! Parent Empowerment Groups, produces virtual conferences, and publishes “Gifted & Distractible,” a free weekly newsletter. Her book, Gifted and Distractible: Understanding, Supporting, and Advocating for Your Twice Exceptional Child, published October 2023. Located in Maryland, USA, Julie's clients and audience hale from all four corners of the globe.

Dr. Debbie Troxclair thumbnail_debra-troxclair-2024final-update.jpg

Debra A. Troxclair, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Lamar University, teaches graduate special education courses and gifted education courses, has more than 20 years of experience teaching at the K-12 level, and has taught at the university level for 16 years. She has previously served on the Board of Directors for the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) TAG Division and the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented. She has publications in several journals in the field of gifted education.

Katerina Tsomi (M.Sc, M.A., B.Sc) tsomi_k.jpeg

Katerina Tsomi holds an MA in Practice-based Play Therapy (Leeds Beckett University) and an M.Sc in the Psychology of Child Development (University of Central Lancashire). She is intensively trained as a Person-centered Play Therapist and Psychotherapist (Athyrma, Hellenic Institute of Play Therapy), a Person-centered Councelor (Strathclyde University) and a StoryPlay® trainer. She has a full-time private practice in Athens, Greece. She is an Ed.D. student in Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education. Katerina is also a mum of a twice exceptional nine-year-old boy.

Dr. Eleonoor van Gerven eleonoor_van_gerven_vierkant_lowres_3536.jpg

Dr. Eleonoor van Gerven is director of Slim! Educatief BV, a private teacher education institute in The Netherlands. She specialized in gifted education and the systemic change- and solution-focussed approach. She developed a competency matrix for specialists in gifted education. She developed the post-graduate courses Specialist in Gifted Education and the Specialist in Educating Twice Exceptional Learners, which are both accredited by the Dutch Society for Higher Education. She wrote 17 books on gifted education and almost 100 articles on these topics. In September 2023 her next book on using the systemic support program for educating twice-exceptional learners in the regular classroom will be published.

In 2014 She won the Dutch Mensa Award for her lifelong contribution to gifted education. In 2018 she was made an honorary member of the Dutch Professional Association of Specialists in Gifted education. Eleonoor is secretary of the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children, chair of the World Council’s scientific committee and chair of the Educational Insights Group.

 Cassandra Whetstone, she/hercassandra_whetstone.jpg

Cassandra Whetstone is a credentialed educator who has taught gifted students in traditional classrooms and homeschool environments. She is the co-founder of Sequoia Gifted & Creative, LLC, and supports families of profoundly gifted learners as they navigate personalized learning through homeschooling or alternative education. Cassandra also is a freelance writer who mentors gifted and highly creative students as they develop their voices and skills as writers.

Kenneth J Wright wright.jpg

Kenneth J Wright is a doctoral candidate at the University of Connecticut studying gifted education, creativity, and talent development. He is a veteran teacher with 17 years experience. He has a masters degree in counseling and an endorsement in gifted education.



Lauren Yacht, Esq.yacht.jpg

Lauren Yacht is the co-founder and executive director of Scholé Center for Innovative Education. She is passionate about teaching and learning, and believes that people learn best through experience. Her background is in music education: she taught high school and college band and is currently pursuing her PhD in music education. Previously, she studied intellectual property law and briefly practiced as an attorney in Florida. Her legal studies inspired an interest in the Socratic method and its application to collaborative learning in the arts. In her experience, students are capable of amazing and insightful inquiry, discussion, and problem solving, and tend to become inspired and engaged when they are invited to become involved in their own learning. Lauren is a homeschooling mom to three children ages 8, 5, and 2.


Sam Young, M.Ed. young.jpg

Sam Young, M.Ed., is the founder and director of Young Scholars Academy which is a strength-based, talent-focused virtual enrichment school that supports twice-exceptional, differently-wired, and gifted students to feel seen, nurtured, and happy as heck through strength-based courses, camps, and community!

Sam is a two-time Fulbright Scholar, a TEDx speaker, a former Bridges Academy educator of nearly 10 years, and a Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity graduate. Additionally, Sam is a neurodivergent person himself who has committed his life to supporting differently-wired students to discover, develop, and lead their lives with their strengths, talents, and unique interests!