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Student Reflections

 Read student reflections regarding their relevant, engaging, field experiences and research efforts, and student life in general.

End of the Semester

It’s that time of year again. The semester is winding down. Students are busy working on final projects, research papers, and all of the other end-of-the-semester obligations. Holiday decorations are starting to be displayed, Gingerbread Lattes are being sold at Java City, and Dean Ward’s office has been transformed into a Snow Globe!

Thanksgiving and Yankee Candle

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the things we have, and I am so grateful for the chance to further my education at W&M and spend part of my life here in Williamsburg.

Election Time

It’s that time again…that time that only comes once every 4 years- Presidential ELECTION TIME!

Cohort Fun

I appreciate the way our cohort makes an effort to get together outside of class.

First Learn Balance

But as the Dalai Lama recently said during a visit to William and Mary, we should all have some sense of optimism in life, especially when dealing with stressful events.

Fall in Williamsburg

t’s important to remember on top of all that has to be done with school, the little things on the weekends and during free time help keep you sane!!

In Being a "Second Year"

Amazing to think that I've already been in the program for a year. With papers to write, conferences to present at and the number of other responsibilities asked of a doc student, the time here just flew!

Millpond Memories - Getting out of the Burg

It’s funny how you can experience something for what feels like 100 times and not realize how truly special it is until you actually stop and take a moment to let it sink in.

From the window seat of a United Airways' plane

And so after a year of adjusting to the many rigors of coursework and day-to-day demands, now before me lies my “return” to what has been for all my life, routine and familiar. Yet I can’t help but wonder how unfamiliar it all will be. To summarize Thomas Wolfe, "you can't go back home..."

Three more days.

That's all that stands between me and a school exchange trip to the University of Edinburgh.

Smell the Roses

It is so easy to get secluded in a pile of books that sometimes we forget to smell the roses and enjoy the beautiful place that we’re in.

Almost There!

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster.

All Abroad Counseling Students!!!

In just a few weeks, Counseling students are headed to Scotland. Students will be able to attend lectures, present at conferences, and enjoy Scotland's beautiful landscape. The University of Edinburgh has offered our students the opportunity to see what counseling looks like internationally.

In love with Virginia’s spring season

Our respective weather patterns couldn’t be more dichotomous, with her experiences being “gifted” with rain and 50 degree highs.

Children with fruit loops

It’s also so cool to get actual experience working with children, plus they were incredibly cute!

Spring has Sprung??

Well it is a lovely spring morning in Williamsburg, 10am and already we are around 70 degrees. Are you sure it is February?

Graduating in 3 Months…Um…What?

This is the first time in my life that I have not had the next couple years of my life planned out, and frankly, it’s frightening.

The Masquerade Gala

Throughout the semester, the GEA organization puts on many events for the students at the school of education to enjoy. The latest event was a masquerade gala, open to all students, staff, and faculty.